Health Benefits of Banana

Health Benefits of Banana: Get Ease from Hundreds of Health Problems

Bananas are regarded as one of the best selections of fruit for many years because of having its extraordinary dietary content.

Bananas contain vitamins like vitamin C, B6, folate, riboflavin, niacin, and pantothenic acid.

Along with bananas give a huge volume of manganese, potassium, copper, and magnesium.

Bananas are also a good supply of protein and dietary fiber.

The health benefits of banana help to lose weight, cure stomach disorders, drop obesity, relieve constipation as well as the cure from the condition like anemia, dysentery, arthritis, tuberculosis, kidney disorders, gout, menstrual troubles, urinary disorders, and burns.

Health Benefits of Banana

They also help to adjust the metabolism, decrease blood pressure, keep heart health in good condition, decrease the harshness of ulcers, boost the immune system, confirm healthy eyes, build strong bones, and detoxify the body.

As there are many health benefits of banana, Let’s see the real content of what makes banana such a significant, controlling, and useful fruit!

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Health Benefits of Banana-

1. Weight Loss and Obesity:

Bananas are helpful to lose weight because banana contains about 90 calories. It also has many fibers.

Besides, it does not have any fat content.

So, a weighty person does not need other calories, if he/she eats a few bananas.

Bananas make a person not feel hungry by stopping the hunger hormone, ghrelin.

This will decrease craving, keep a person feeling full and also lose weight naturally.

2. Banana Makes Stronger Bones:

Bananas will guarantee your building strong and healthy bones in your whole life for having its “fructooligosaccharide” -a prebiotic that send useful bacteria in your digestive area.

Definitely, bananas have a high volume of calcium.

Calcium is the most vital thing for building bone.

3. Weight Gain:

From one side, Bananas helps to lose weight, on the other hand, it also can be useful for gaining weight.

If you eat the banana with milk, it helps increase weight quickly. Milk gives us useful proteins.

As bananas are digested easily, a weak person can eat 5-6 bananas daily besides regular meals.

He or she will get extra 500-600 calories that are required for weight gain.

As bananas give instant energy, sportspersons eat bananas regularly during breaks.

4. Arthritis and Gout:

Naturally, bananas have anti-inflammatory properties, which means they can decrease swelling, pain, and discomfort from many disorders like gout and arthritis.

These are very common conditions that occur from poor and unhealthy diets.

So, including a banana daily in your dietary routine can save you from pain for many years.

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5. Ulcers:

Bananas have been recognized as an alkalizer food that calms upset stomachs by suppressing acid secretion.

The natural elements in bananas improve the cell’s movements in our stomach by making a barricade against acids.

They also contain PIs that remove harmful bacteria from stomach ulcers.

6. Constipation:

Bananas have a high volume of dietary fiber that helps in smoothing bowel movements.

They are useful to drive stubborn stools and give ease from constipation and also help in controlling other stomach troubles.

7. Eye Health:

Bananas are filled with carotenoids, antioxidants, and minerals like many other fruits, which can really improve your eye’s health.

Studies have shown that different eye diseases like night blindness, cataracts, and glaucoma decrease with the normal eating of bananas.

8. Kidney Disorders:

Bananas are directly connected to decrease different kidney problems.

Potassium helps to control the liquid balance inside the body, which can help to comfort the kidney’s stress, and urination.

It stops gathering toxins inside the body, and accelerates their release from the body through urination.

Moreover, the polyphenolic in bananas also directly impacts the proper functioning of the kidney.

9. Cardiovascular Safety:

Bananas keep a vital role in overall heart health for many reasons.

Firstly, bananas have a high volume of potassium, so they can decrease blood pressure.

They also can relax your veins and arteries strain.

Your blood can flow more easily into the body and oxygenate the different organs to work well.

Secondly, bananas can help to decrease coronary heart disease and possible heart attacks.

The fiber in bananas also absorbs extra cholesterol from the blood vessels and decreases pressure on the cardiovascular system.

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10. Anemia:

The high iron content of bananas helps to stop anemia. Because iron is necessary for creating red blood cells.

If the red blood cells become low then anemia occurs.

Therefore, try eating bananas.

You will not only be able to create red blood cells but also increase blood circulation to all the body parts by oxygenating different organs.

11. Piles:

Piles are considered by having the problem in passing stools with bleeding. Bananas help in handling piles.

You may think bananas occur negative effects on the bowels during piles as it gives more stress on the guts.

But, the primary problem with piles is the elimination, a banana absolutely encourages that process.

The anti-inflammatory properties of a banana can help to treat piles by decreasing the pain, itching and other bad condition.

12. Menstrual Troubles:

Cooked banana flowers give relief from inflammation and too much bleeding during the menstrual cycle along with other menstrual troubles.

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