Top 5 Best Yoga Mat Bag in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

How do you carry your yoga mat when outdoors? Yoga mats are bulky and totting one can be tough. If you travel to different places or carry your yoga mat to your yoga classes. It is good to invest in the best yoga mat bag for convenience.

Even if you do yoga at home, a yoga mat bag comes in handy because it protects the mat and ensures it is clean. A yoga mat bag helps you to carry the mat comfortably and it has ample space to keep other accessories such as smartphones and laptops organized.

Since there are so many yoga mat bag options, it can be overwhelming to determine which bag is right for you. Choosing the right bag depends on your taste and preference, yoga practice, budget, and other features. We have reviewed top yoga mat bags to make your selection easy.

Let’s get right into the reviews!

Best Yoga Mat Bag Reviews

We spent many hours of research and assessing different types of yoga mats. We looked into features like capacity, comfort, style, size, and budget among other considerations. Based on our research, below are 5 recommended yoga mat bags for any fitness enthusiasts.

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

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If you have a standard or thick-size yoga mat, the Kindfolk yoga mat bag can fit perfectly. The bag is spacious enough to fit yoga mats up to 26 inches wide. Moreover, it can fit an extra-thick yoga mat. This bag comes in different beautiful colors like Pink, Bravo, Celestial, Karma, Laguna, Parade, and Satellite.

The yoga bag is made of canvas and leather material to provide unmatched durability. All these materials are environmentally-friendly and durable. The eye-catching yoga mat bags can hold two small mats, combination blocks, towels, and other accessories. It features an outer pocket for your keys, phone, and other personal items.

It also features a quality zipper to keep your items safe and secure when on the go. This yoga mat bag can be a thoughtful gift to anyone who practices yoga.


  • Durable high-quality canvas material
  • Lightweight and comfortable to carry
  • The yoga mat bag is beautifully designed
  • Enough space to carry your towel, mat, blocks, water bottle, and other items
  • The outer pocket keeps your keys and wallet safe
  • Made of a quality zipper to protect your items
  • The bag is beautiful and stylish


  • Great bag but it is small
  • The straps are too short
  • The pockets would have been more

Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag

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Maintain your yoga mat clean at home with the Gaiam Yoga Mat Bag. The full-zip yoga mat bag is designed with an adjustable shoulder strap to provide comfort on the go. You can customize the strap length to suit your height and achieve a comfortable position. The full-zip closure makes packing and accessing your yoga mat easy.

The all-in-one bag allows you to carry your mat and yoga accessories comfortably and stylishly. You don’t have to carry the map in your arms which looks ugly and awkward. The bag features a cargo pocket to allow you to pack more gear.

The back of the bag features a phone or MP3 player pocket so you can enjoy music on the go. The pocket has an earphone slit to maintain the cord tangle-free. The fashionable yoga mat bag is made of 100% cotton that is soft and durable. you can choose from Niagara, Granite Storm, and Sparkling Grape colors.


  • Adjustable strap for comfort
  • Front and back pockets offer more storage
  • Full-zip design for easy packing and access
  • The bag is made of durable cotton material
  • Enough space to carry your mat and other accessories
  • The bag is versatile and pretty
  • High-quality yoga mat bag for the price
  • Great yoga mat bag for travel


  • The fabric would have been studier
  • It doesn’t hold yoga blocks
  • It is hard to zip
  • Good-looking but floppy

Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag

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If you travel with your yoga mat or go to yoga classes, the Heathyoga Yoga Mat Bag can help you carry your items neatly and comfortably. This bag is designed to fit most yoga mat sizes. The bag is made from 100% cotton and canvas material for long-lasting use. This makes it durable, thick, and quick to dry.

The large bag has a full-size zipper design for easy use. The two smooth zippers make it easier for you to pack your yoga mat and other essentials. It features two large front pockets where you can store your sunglasses, yoga towel, and water bottle. You will also find an internal zipper pocket best for your phone, keys, and wallet among other valuables.

Carry the bag comfortably without fatigue, thanks to the adjustable strap that provide a relaxing position for your shoulders and arms. Unlike other yoga mat bags, this one has high-quality stitching and printed embroidery design that give it an attractive look. the bag comes in various colors like gray, black, blue, and red.


  • The bag has a great design
  • Enough pockets for your essentials
  • Lightweight and works well
  • It has an adjustable and strong strap
  • Made of durable materials
  • Has an interior pocket for valuables
  • Stylish yoga mat bag


  • Bulky for a petite lady
  • The zipper fails after some time
  • The strap rips away from the bag easily

Kindfolk Yoga Mat Duffle Bag

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Looking for a fashionable yoga bag mat that can suit everyone? The Kindfolk yoga mat bag is worth buying. The bag is made of patented canvas and leather material to provide many years of use. if you have standard and thick-size yoga mats, this bag is spacious enough to fit mats up to 26 inches wide.

The bag comes in different colors you can choose to suit your preference. It has an eye-catching design and everyone will notice this bag wherever you go. Apart from your yoga mat, the bag can also fit your towels, straps, a combination of blocks, and other essential accessories.

Taking care of the bag is easy. Simply spot-clean it using a damp washcloth, some cold water, and mild dish soap. Work in circular motions to remove the stains, rinse and then dry.


  • Great yoga mat bag for travel
  • Makes a perfect gift for yoga lovers
  • Spacious enough to fit two small mats
  • Made of durable material
  • Lightweight and good looking
  • Comfortable carrying the bag
  • Makes it easy to carry yoga essentials


  • Fabric is different from the picture
  • Great bag but it has tight space

Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag Large Yoga Mat Tote Sling Carrier

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The Uhawi yoga mat bag is another stylish option for those who need a tote sling carrier style. This bag is designed to fit all mats of all sizes. It features a zipper closure and two zipper pockets to ensure your items are safe. It features an extra pocket, a bottle holder, and two zipper safe pockets to offer more space for your items.

The bag is spacious enough to fit two yoga mats, yoga towel, and yoga blocks among others. If you have 3mm-6mm yoga mats, you can fit it and other accessories conveniently. It is made of high-quality 100% canvas and cotton, making it durable.

Not only does this bag function as a yoga mat bag but also provides other uses. You can use it as a shopping bag, camping bag, gym bag, and much more.


  • Zippered pocket bag to keep your items safe
  • The bag provides versatile use
  • Made of durable and machine-washable material
  • Lightweight and has plenty of pockets
  • Comfortable to carry on your shoulders


  • The canvas material has no structure
  • Tight fit if you have a heavy yoga mat
  • The stitching is not strong

Other Yoga Nat Bags We Liked But Did Not Make Our Top Five List

WARRIOR2 Yoga Mat Holder Carrier

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Get the Warrior2 yoga mat bag if you have ½ inch thick mat. The full-zip yoga bag has a larger front pocket that can hold all your yoga gear. There are multiple pockets where you can keep your phone, water bottles, yoga belts, glasses, and other yoga essentials. The bag is spacious enough to fit ½ inch-thick yoga mats with a width of 26 inches and a length of 71 inches.

If you have Manduka yoga mat, Liforme yoga mat, BalanceFrom, Giam yoga mat, and other standard mats up to 26 inches wide, this is an ideal yoga mat bag. The bag is easy to carry in multiple positions. you can switch it from left to right and adjust the length of the sling shoulder strap for comfort.

Whether you want to carry it as a crossbody yoga bag, sling tote, or over-the-shoulder mat carrier, you can achieve all those positions comfortably. The bag also serves other activities like driving, walking, motorcycle riding, cycling, and much more. It is made of high-quality material with a strong lining to offer reliable use.


  • Great yoga mat bag for both men and women
  • It provides multipurpose applications
  • You can carry the bag in different positions
  • Designed to fit many mat sizes
  • Adjustable sling strap provides comfort
  • Extra pockets to fit your essentials


  • The bag is too big and heavy
  • Doesn’t feel well-made

EnjoyActive Yoga Mat Bag

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Carry your yoga mat comfortably with this waterproof yoga mat bag. The premium quality bag features multiple pockets to organize your stuff separately.  The drawstring pocket is good for a water bottle and small umbrellas. The zipper pocket is for your cell phone and the expandable pocket fits your yoga items.

This bag is made of quality polyester material to provide extended use. the zippers are quality, sturdy, and provide smooth operation. Its waterproof design makes the bag easy to clean. The bag is lightweight enough, and you can easily roll it or fold it when not in use. It has an adjustable shoulder strap with a buckle and strap design to allow users of all heights to achieve a comfortable carrying height.

The bag can hold any yoga mat up to 10 mm in thickness and 27 inches wide. There is more room to pack your wash bag, yoga suit, and other yoga items. The roomy opening has a wide zipper that is easy to open and pack your items. This yoga mat bag also comes in plenty gender neutral colors you can choose. Apart from yoga, the bag also suits gym classes and, travel and beach parks.


  • Made of water-resistant polyester material
  • Stylish and unisex yoga mat bag
  • It can fit up to 10mm thick yoga mats
  • Wide open zipper makes packing your mat and removing it easy
  • 3 outer pockets help you organize your items
  • Lightweight and available in multiple colors
  • Well-made yoga mat bag with great compartments


  • Great bag but rips off after a few uses
  • Too small to fit a thicker mat

Yoga Mat Bag Buying Guide – Things to Consider

All yoga mat bags are not designed the same. Therefore, you need to consider several factors to get a more personalized yoga mat bag. The following are essential factors you should consider when buying a yoga mat bag.

Adjustable Straps

The right yoga mat bag should provide ultimate comfort when carrying. Ensure the bag you choose has comfortable and adjustable straps to help you get a customized fit. The straps should have enough padding to avoid digging into your shoulders when on the go.


What material is the yoga mat bag made of? There are so many materials you can choose for yoga mat bag. The most common materials are canvas, nylon, cotton, hemp, and linen among others. A well-designed yoga mat bag should have breathable, durable, and easy-to-clean material. The seams should be strong enough to avoid tearing apart after a few washes.

Bag Size

The best bag should fit your yoga mat well without forcing. Before you pick the right size, know your yoga mat specifications so that you can get the right-sized bag. In addition, you might also want a bag with enough space to carry your water bottle and other yoga accessories.

The bag should also have enough pockets to carry your essentials like a wallet, phone, keys, towel, and much more. Also, ensure the bag has quality zippers to keep your items safe when traveling.

Yoga Mat bag Style

You can choose different styles for your mat bag based on your liking. Whether you want a duffle bag, backpack, bucket bag, or tote bag style, you can choose any that you like. For added comfort, choose a bag with two straps like a backpack. Such bags distribute weight evenly across the shoulders, making it easy to carry.

Ease of Cleaning

If you use your yoga mat daily, it is prone to dirt. This means you should choose a bag that is machine washable to make cleaning easy. Alternatively, get yoga mat bags with water-resistant material to make cleaning easy.


Your yoga mat bag should be more affordable than the yoga mat. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean getting a dirt cheap bag. Get a reasonably priced bag that suits your budget. Again, expensive bags don’t always mean they are quality.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to store the yoga mat in the bag?

Yes, storing your yoga mat in the bag is great when you are not using the mat. Ensure you wipe and sanitize both the mat and the bag and let them dry completely before storage to prevent mildew growth. Storing the mat in the bag keeps it clean because it is not susceptible to dust.

What is the best way to clean a yoga mat bag?

Maintain your yoga mat bag by mixing white vinegar, distilled water, and tea tree oil. This is a perfect combination that removes bacteria and keeps your bag clean.

How do I deal with yoga mat bag odors?

The best way you can ensure your yoga mat bag is odor-free is to clean it regularly. If your bag still smells even after regular cleaning,  use water and white vinegar solution to get rid of the bad smell.

What are the different types of yoga mat bags available?

There are many yoga mat bag styles you can choose. Apart from the normal full-zip bag, other styles available include sling pouches, duffle bags, backpacks, and on-the-go carriers.


If you are serious about yoga, investing in a quality yoga mat is important. Not only will it help you carry your mat comfortably but also other belongings. The above are the best yoga mat bags that come in different styles, are lightweight, durable, and easy to clean. The bags are made with ergonomic straps that offer hassle-free carrying. Get any of the above bags and avoid carrying a rolled-up yoga mat on your arms. I hope the reviews and buying tips will help you make an informed purchase!

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