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Everything about Eating Disorders: Types, Causes and Symptoms

Eating Disorders

Eating disorders Definition: Eating disorder is a type of mental ailment. You may eat foods to control your mood. However, persons with eating disorders have an unhealthy link with foods. This may eat excessive or inadequate foods. You may become obsessed if you have an eating disorder. An eating disorder may occur to anybody. No matter the culture, age, gender, …

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8 Physical Symptoms of Chronic Depression and Anxiety

Symptoms of Chronic Depression and Anxiety

Symptoms of Chronic Depression and Anxiety: Normally, We don’t link depression with physical pain, but the study confirms depression can hurt indeed. Depression hurts. And while we regularly pair this mental disorder with emotional pain like grief, crying, and feelings of despair, a study shows that depression can manifest as physical pain, also. Whereas we don’t regularly think of depression …

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Tooth Extraction or Tooth Pulling A to Z || Everything You should Know

Tooth Extraction

Sometimes a tooth extraction for an adult becomes necessary. Reasons for Pulling Teeth: Permanent teeth are normally supposed to last a lifetime, but for some reason, you have to extract your tooth. Reasons may include a badly damaged tooth, which needs to be repaired. Below are other reasons: Read Also: 9 Best Home Remedies for Tooth Pain: Dentist will Miss You …

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Foods for Depression and Anxiety: Should or Shouldn’t Eat

Foods for Depression

Foods for Depression and Anxiety: Every year, millions of people have been suffering from depression and anxiety around the world. Using medications for the treatment of depression may be useful, but they are actually temporary and may even have many side effects. The best way to stop depression and anxiety is by changing your lifestyle and eating healthy foods. Here, …

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8 Causes of Teenage Depression: Especially for College Students

teenage depression

Teenage Depression: Currently, severe mental disorders have turned into a bursting confusion in teens and among the college students. At present, it is more common than before. Many young people are searching for the treatments of anxiety along with depression. According to a study, many students are using psychiatrical medicines for curing depression. This percentage has raised about 10% over …

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Cold or Flu: Common Cold and Flu Symptoms, Causes and Treatments

Cold or Flu

The typical symptoms of common cold and flu are involved like painfulness in the body, throat, head or puffing nose. The start of common cold or flu is the same, but it is vital to distinguish between the two to follow the correct treatment. Whereas both flu and cold are breathing disorders, but the flu symptoms are more worsen than …

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Most Common Food Allergies in Children: 10 Questions and Solutions

Food Allergies in Children

Whether it is peanuts, cow’s milk, or strawberries – 8 to 10 % of all children are affected by food allergies. How do you recognize the symptoms of an allergy? Is it possible to be avoided or even cured? We have answers to 10 important questions about the most common food allergies in children. 10 Questions and Solutions about Food …

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Are You a Highly Sensitive Person? If Yes, Then See these 15 Signs

Highly Sensitive Person

Henoch-Schonlein Purpura (HSP) is a type of disorder involved in blood vessel inflammation. A highly sensitive person is someone who strongly feels everything around them more than others. There are a lot of people that seem much more emotional than the rest of us. But they often don’t know the exact reason. Are you one of these people? Read here …

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How to Increase Dopamine Naturally in The Brain: 10 BEST WAYS

Dopamine is a vital chemical carrier in the brain which has many roles. It’s involved in reward, memory, motivation, thoughtfulness and even in controlling body movements. At the time of releasing large volumes of dopamine, it makes reward and pleasure feelings, which inspires you to repeat a particular behavior. Differently, low levels of dopamine are related to low interest in …

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Symptoms of Menopause at 40: How Can You Know Menopause Symptoms

Symptoms of Menopause

What Is Menopause? Actually, most of the signs linked with menopause happen in the perimenopause stage. Some women experience menopause without unpleasant signs or any problem. But others find menopausal symptoms unbearable, starting even in perimenopause and continue for years. Menopause symptoms actually happen for lowering the production of female sex hormones like progesterone and estrogen for most of the …

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