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Understanding Postpartum Depression in Women || Fitness for Life

Postpartum depression in women

Postpartum depression in women is a type of mental disorder that usually happens after childbirth. Maximum women get the “baby blues,” or feel gloomy or empty, within some childbirth days. For many women, the baby blues stay for 3 to 5 days. If someone’s baby blues don’t leave or feel gloomy or sad for longer than two weeks, postpartum depression …

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Protein Supplements Pills or Powder | Are they good for you? [FDA Report]

Protein Supplements Pills

You might search online to know about protein supplements pills and protein powders; it is showing you endless results. But have you ever wondered which provides your muscles better strength? Or which ones can give you a positive result? That is exactly the question. When are you done with all the pros and cons, the benefits of high protein tablets …

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What to Eat after Colonoscopy Procedure || Foods to Eat and Avoid

What to Eat after Colonoscopy

Are you looking for the answers of what to eat after colonoscopy test or what is the best thing to eat after a colonoscopy? If yes then you are the right place. Let’s know first what is a colonoscopy? It’s a kind of screening test that is used to detect specific changes in the colon. It must be done under …

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Cervicogenic Headache || Features, Symptoms and Treatments

Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headache was first introduced by Sjaastad et al. in 1983. This headache is also known as the controversial headache. It is a new medical term described as a headache that originates from structures and tissues in the neck or cervical spine region. Cervicogenic headache was overlooked or ignored by many doctors as the diagnosis of this headache cannot be …

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Stress Vs. Anxiety: Difference Between Stress and Anxiety

Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are ways on how our body naturally reacts to danger. It is a usual part of our flight or fight response. Stress and anxiety both of these feelings are usual, but in some cases, it can be quite fearful for you. Here, you will know the difference, comparison of these two feelings and also know about the …

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Types of Asthma, Symptoms and Treatments at Home

Types of Asthma

This post will cover five different types of asthma, symptoms and some ways on how to prevent asthma at home. Asthma is a long term health problem in which the air passages swell up, occurring breathing difficulty, and making stress in the upper body. Currently, there is no complete cure from asthma, but the asthma symptoms can be controlled by …

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Seven Best Practices on How to Stop a Stroke Like Magic !

Stop a Stroke

How to Stop a Stroke: A stroke can bring a destructive result with long-time severe consequences. Improvements in stroke healing have made a long time effect for recovering stroke patients. But, generally, we get a short time for effective treatment. One significant approach to stroke care takes in prevention, mainly for persons who are in danger. Each stroke is not …

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What Are The Functions Of The Endocrine System In Human Body?

Endocrine System

The endocrine system is a glands network that makes the hormones to support cells one to others inside your body. They’re accountable for almost all cells, tissues, and functions in your body. If the endocrine system becomes unhealthy, you will face problems in adolescence, or in getting pregnant or controlling stress. You also may have weak bones, gain weight, or …

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9 Common Types of Depression: Symptoms, and Treatments

Types of Depression

Depression Types: It’s common to feel down sometimes; however, most of the time, if you feel unhappy and it disturbs your regular life, you may have medicinal depression. You can overcome this condition in taking medicines, or going to a psychoanalyst, or changing your lifestyle. There are many types of depression. Daily activities can occur some, and chemical processes in …

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How to dealt with Depression and Anxiety:10 Best Ways

How to dealt with Depression

Does everyone know the ways on how to deal with depression and anxiety? They are a common thing in our life. It’s a consequence of living in this regular chaotic world. Anxiety isn’t all bad, however. It warns you about danger, gives the inspiration to stay prepared and systematized, and helps you estimate dangers. But, while anxiety becomes a regular …

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