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A list of French Cooking Terms that are Used in the Kitchen

French Cooking Terms

Maybe some menus that you have stared, but you don’t know its spelling and the meaning of basic french cooking terms. Am I right? It often happens for every chef in the kitchen. From confit to sous vide, many culinary terms are derived from French and have some meaning to those unacquainted the language. That’s why; in this post; we’ve …

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How to Maintain Food Hygiene and Food Safety Procedures?

food hygiene

What is Food Hygiene? Food Hygiene is more than cleanliness; it includes all practices involved in: Protecting food from risk of contamination, including harmful bacteria, poisons, and foreign bodies; Preventing any bacteria present multiplying to an extent that would result in the illness of consumers. Destroying and harmful bacteria in the food by thorough cooking or processing; Discarding unfit or …

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Types of Cooking Methods: Definition,Objective and the Method of Cookery

Types of Cooking Methods: There are many techniques for applying heat to foods. The method used depends a great deal on whether the food item is tough or tender. If the item is tough, a long-time cooking method is selected to make the item more palatable and digestible. If the item is tender, quick types of cooking methods are chosen …

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Kitchen Safety Tips for the Food Industry: Chefs Should Not Skip this!

kitchen safety tips

Kitchen Safety Tips: Kitchen work is generally considered a pretty safe job, at least in comparison with many industrial jobs. However, the kitchen has many risks. Minor injuries from burns and cuts are very common, and more severe injuries are all too possible. The quantity of very hot equipment and powerful machinery, combined with the busy, sometimes frantic pace, making …

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Kitchen Organization: Understanding the Modern Kitchen Brigade System

The purpose of kitchen organization or modern Kitchen Brigade System is to make the right quantity of food of the highest standard, for the required number of people on time, by the most effective use of staff, and materials. The reasons which have the most significant outcome by the organization will be the menu and the system used to prepare …

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Understanding a Daily Routine of Personal Hygiene in the Food Industry

Personal Hygiene in the Food Industry: Germs or bacteria are to be found in and on the body, and they can be transferred onto anything with which the body comes in contact. Personal hygiene in the food industry is essential to prevent germs from getting on to the food. Self-respect is necessary for every food handler because pride in one’s …

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