8 Useful Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief with Pictures

Yoga Poses for Neck pain: In modern life, neck pain is normally happened by the people of all ages.

The reasons are for incorrect sitting positions, long sitting jobs, tension, accidents, etc.

It disturbs you mentally and requires fast steps to be healed. Medicines are some of the rapid easing measures; however, they are not dependable for a long time.

There are a number of yoga practices which can tone your back muscles naturally and also can help you to stay away from the neck pain.

In this article, we will show 8 best yoga poses for neck pain relief. We hope these neck pain relieving useful yoga poses will help you naturally.

Yoga Poses for Neck Pain

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8 Useful Yoga Poses for Neck Pain Relief:

1. Child Posture:

Child Posture

Start this posture by kneeling on the ground with the toes of the feet touching both.

Divide the knees on the space of hip distance and slowly sit on your heels.

Breathe out, gradually lower the butt in order that the tailbone gets to extend.

Continue the trunk folded over the second joint and stretch the backside of the neck.

Slowly, curve from the waist and let the temple rest on the ground.

Put the hands on the sides of the trunk with the palms facing up. But, do not injure yourself if it makes trouble.

Continue this posture as long as you can and gradually lift yourself back to the normal pose while breathing in.

This is one of the effective yoga poses for neck and shoulder tension relief.

2. Seated Twist Posture:

Seated Twist Posture

Start this posture in a sitting position on the ground with the legs stretched out in the front direction and the hands placed at the sides.

At the moment, curve your right knee and raise the right foot and position it to the outside of the left leg, which is extended ahead.

Stretch the left arm and get it across the body in order to enfold about the right knee.

Get the right hand and place it back, close to the tailbone. Face towards the right shoulder while making sure the medulla spinalis is straight.

Continue in this posture for about five minutes and then do again the posture by altering the sides.

Seated twist yoga poses for neck and shoulder pain relief works effectively with no question.

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3. Ear to Shoulder Yoga Pose for Neck and Shoulder Pain:

Ear to Shoulder Posture

Start this posture by standing or sitting straight in order that the spinal cord will not face any curve.

Look forward to both the arms positioned by the sides.

Breathe in deeply and while breathing out, curve your head towards the right side in order that the right ear is taken about the right shoulder joint.

Do not try to load the head over the shoulders.

Make sure that the head is in the similar place as the shoulders.

Continue this posture as long as you can and then pull the head back to the middle while breathing in. do again the same posture by altering the sides.

4. Cow Yoga for Shoulder Blade Pain Relief:

cow posture

Start this posture by kneeling on the knees and hands.

Place the body in a tabletop position. Confirm, that the hands are lined up straight under the shoulders and the knees are lined up lower the hips.

Moreover, look forward, breathe in and gradually expand the spine while looking up and ahead, curving the neck and back like a cow.

Continue in this posture for a few moments and start with the pose.

5. Cat Yoga for Upper Back and Neck Pain Relief:

Cat Posture

After doing the cow posture starts with the cat posture.

Breathe out and slowly bend the back towards the roof, bring the cheek inwards, towards the trunk.

Continue in this posture for some seconds and carry on both the movements’ one after the other for about ten times.

This will provide an excellent massage to the back keep the neck pain away.

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6. Legs up the Wall Posture:

This Yoga Poses for Neck pain is very easy. Simply lie down on the ground on your back and place the legs with the knees directly touching the wall.

The feet should face to the ceiling and the legs should touch the wall.

Do not curve the legs from anyplace. Expand the arms to the sides with the palms facing up.

Continue in this posture for at least 8-10 minutes and then gradually come back to the normal pose.

7. Stretched Triangle Pose:

Stretched Triangle Posture

Stretched triangle pose is a kind of restorative yoga for neck and shoulders. To do this-

Start this posture by standing directly in Tadasana.

At the moment, divide the two legs about four feet distance.

Expand two hands to the sides. Breathe in and slowly curve from the waistline to the right side.

Touch the right feet by applying right hand and position the left hand directly showing upwards.

Look at the left hand once curving to the right. Stay in this posture as long as you can and then rest. Do again the workout by altering the sides.

8. Corpse Posture:

Corpse Posture

It is the easiest yoga poses for neck pain of all the posture.

To do this movement, lay down on the ground in a neutral point on the back. Continue the head and body straight.

Moreover, the neck and the back must be aligned and totally straight.

Let the feet be divided a little. Place the hands on the sides, facing up.

Continue in this posture for about five minutes and this will give you ease the pain more by comforting all the muscles.


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