Know about Sarvangasana Yoga Pose: Steps, Benefits and video Clip

Different research works have proven that if a person practices Sarvangasana on a regular basis, he will feel a new strength, will be positive and happy in his livings.

His new life will fall into him, the brain will be calm for experiencing the joy of life.

Sarvangasana gains its name from 3 dissimilar Sanskrit words: ‘sarva’ means ‘every’, ‘ang’ stands for part of the body and ‘asana’ refers pose.

This pose engages the whole body below the neckline and is regarded as an advanced level of yogic performance.



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Health Benefits of Sarvangasana:

Sarvangasana involves lifting the whole body up with supporting your hands and shoulders.

For this reason, it reverses the bloodstream.

While doing this posture your neckline gets locked, therefore the blood flow gets down to the head and neck.

As the blood flows back, it brings paybacks to people with low blood pressure.

It also raises blood flow to the lungs and can help in respiratory functions.

Sarvangasana pose should be done with much control and care.

As this pose helps to blood flow reversal, your chest gets a flow of more blood.

A person can get low blood pressure advantage from this posture as there is generally insufficient blood supply to their chest.

This pose assists in parathyroid and thyroid also.

Sarvangasana pose helps in appropriate kidney role and also helpful for the people with nervousness.

It will boost your feeling and also will make steady your hormones level.

If performed just after having a glass of water, the pose can also help in disciplining bowel issues along with constipation.

How to do Sarvangasana Pose?

Before performing the pose, it is suggested to take preparation yourself.

Firstly, open up your muscles by doing some other postures.

Tadasana or simple lower back and neck movements can be performed before doing the shoulder stand.

It is necessary to alleviate any spinal inflexibility before doing Sarvangasana.

Here’s how to get into the pose –

Steps for Sarvangasana Pose:

  • At this time, get together your feet and put your hand to one side near to your body.
  • Get your legs near to your upper body.
  • Raise your lower body gradually (same to plough pose or Halasana).
  • Get your hands, position them on your backside and gradually raise your legs up.
  • Your whole body should be a straight line with upper arm supporting your backside.
  • Hold the pose – start with ten seconds – inhale normally.
  • Now gradually crease your leg from the knee.
  • Get a hold your chest down with supporting your hands.
  • Come back on the mat and relax.
  • Don’t get up immediately after completing it.

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Things to Remember:

  • This pose should be performed with care.
  • Give concentration to your neckline. If it is done wrong, the posture can cause serious neck pain.
  • You need plenty of support from your arms; your neckline should not be under pain or pressure.
  • The posture is not suggested for the old aged person with the heart problem, high blood pressure, slipped disk or any type of shoulder, neck, or back pain.
  • Do not come down or get up suddenly. Do it gradually.
  • Abide by all the rules of Savasana. Do not get up immediately.

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