9 Best Home Remedies for Black Eye: Rapid Black Eye Treatment

Home Remedies for Black Eye: We face the problem of having a black eye occasionally or as a minimum one time in our lives.

This nasty trouble is the consequence of harm to the face or head.

While this injury occurs, the blood vessels and other fluids nearby the eye become swell and turn into dark colors.

The eye is not injured itself; it is simply the tissues that become damaged and turn into looking dark, therefore it is called the “black eye.”

Black eyes normally cure on themselves, going through a procedure of being purple-black, then turns into a light shade of purple, before vanishing the yellow color to fade away for good.

Dear viewers, in this article you will discover 9 best Home remedies for Black Eye below-

Home Remedies for Black Eye

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Signs of a Black Eye:

A black eye normally looks clear. If you see you have a black eye, here are a few tattletale symptoms that your doubts are right.

  • Mark beside the Eye
  • Pain or puffiness in the Eye Area
  • A headache
  • The trouble of Opening the Eye
  • Nausea in the Extreme Situation

Reasons for Black Eye-

There are lots of different issues that are reasons for a black eye.

The most noticeable (and familiar) is a blow to the face.

Becoming punched in the face, nose, or eye all will normally affect a black eye.

When somebody sees a blow to the nose, the two eyes change colors and become swells.

If the nose is broken, you more or less can expect a black eye. Head injuries for example blow may reason for a black eye also.

Home Remedies for Black Eye-

Black eyes will leave on themselves with time; however, naturally, we may not have time to wait for any type of important task.

If you are going on a date or have an urgent meeting, you certainly don’t like to have a black eye.

Follow a few of the home remedies for the black eye that will help to cure fast.

1. Ice Pack:

Ice Pack

Placing an ice-pack on the injured eye will assist to decrease swelling by narrowing the blood vessels.

Take a piece of ice and massage it lightly on beside the eye which has been troubled.

This will support decreasing pain.

Rub Ice Lightly every hour for the first 24 hours around your black eye and you will notice the fast outcome in removing your black eye.

Don’t apply the frozen steak trick.

There may have bacteria in the steak which could be a reason for infectivity if there is any kind of scratch on the skin beside the eye.

2. Raw Potato:

Applying raw potatoes is one of the best techniques to throw away a black eye fast.

Here, you will require grating a few fresh potatoes and be keeping them over your closed eye.

Take it off at least 15 minutes later to decrease swelling and see the quick outcome.

If you want, you may also apply sliced potatoes for getting the same result as grated potatoes.

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3. Chilled Tea Bags

Chilled Tea Bags

Chilled tea bags offer calming relief for a black eye.

The tannic acid in the tea will help to throw away a black eye and this technique will work very nicely.

Chill used tea bags and place them around the black eye a minimum of 5 times a day for 15 minutes on the 1st day.

4. Pineapple


Pineapple is an outstanding fruit that helps in the remedial process.

You can drink pineapple juice or use sliced pineapple around your black eye.

Both methods are useful, however, if you don’t want to keep pineapple on your eyes, just drink pineapple juice and apply other home remedies for black eye quicker.

5. Cucumber Slices

Cucumber slices are very useful for the eyes and give a great cooling reliever.

Place Cucumber slices over the eyes, they will really help to decrease irritation and make your eyes cure fast.

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6. Arnica


For decreasing pain, you can take Arnica.

It supports to cure of tissues and muscle rapidly but you will want to start using it directly for its best work.

If you feel pain in the eye, it will be a good decision to start applying arnica immediately.

You may chew arnica and also massage arnica oil on the skin beside the eye sometimes a day.

Applying both processes will help to throw away a black eye fast.

7. Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline

Cayenne Pepper and Vaseline

Old-style Chinese medicine used the mixture of cayenne pepper and petroleum jelly in the treatment of pain to the face that causes puffiness and mark beside the eye.

Mix 1 tbsp of cayenne pepper and 5 tbsp of melted Vaseline properly.

Allow them to cool and harden and then use to the affected part a minimum 3 times a day to get the best outcome.

Just make sure, not to get that mixture into your eye. It is very sensitive!

You must wipe it off for some time after keeping it off around the skin of your eye.

Simply confirm to do again it sometimes a day for getting the rapid outcome you are seeking.

8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is very useful to improve the immune system as well as encourages faster curing.

It also supports to thicken blood vessels and helps in increasing the fast remedial.

Take a few vitamin C supplements or Include more vitamin C-type foods in your diet plan.

It should be a usual part of your diet plan, without or with the black eye.

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9. Vitamin K

Vitamin K


Vitamin K helps to decrease inflammation that is occurred in pain.

It is a good decision to mix vitamin K supplements with your vitamin C or any other home remedies for the black eye.

You can get vitamin K from foods such as Brussels sprouts, broccoli, or spinach.





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