Core Strength Poses for Runners: These are the Best 5 Poses EVER!

As a runner, we always tend to concentrate on making stronger heart, legs, and lungs, but most regularly we forget to build stronger muscles. If you think “core” means just for your abs – you are in the wrong decision. The core includes all from your glutes, hips to the lower backside. A few of the core strength poses for runners’ routines will help you to get better your running speed and posture.

Core Strength Poses for Runners

The main benefit of core strength poses for runners is enhancing balance in the chest.

When you run, your chest, backside, and abdominal muscles stay straight and decrease bouncing your arms and legs.

Core strength also considerably makes better your balance, which means you recover yourself from slipping, particularly in a test run.

Here, we have designed some of the body-weight exercises to help you grow a stable and stable core. Give 30 to 60 seconds on every exercise.

Take a break for 15 seconds before starting the new one.

After doing 5 postures, take 3 to 5-minutes of a break, and repeat the whole session.

After doing every posture, move gradually, and target for total control.

If you become exhausted, take a rest for the day. Sustaining quality than quantity is vital. Try to do this routine 2 to times weekly.

5 Core Strength poses for Runners:

1. Glute Bridge Pose for Runners:

Glute bridge pose for runners

  • Lie on your backside keeping your feet level on the ground.
  • Keep your abdominals busy and pick your hips up from the ground. Press your heels into the ground for more strength.
  • Do this exercise slowly by starting with both feet and spreading one leg while in the upstretched position.
  • Don’t curve your lower back as you press your hips rising.

2. Bird-dog Pose for Runners:

Bird dog pose for runners

  • Keep your back and neck in an inert position.
  • Look forward.
  • Gradually spread your left leg behind you while getting your right arm forward.
  • Keep your pelvises and shoulders square and confirm your lower back doesn’t curve.
  • Concentrate on spreading your arm frontward and leg – backward. Feel a stretch in your body. Do not lift arm and leg over the head.
  • Continue for some breaths. Gradually come back to the starting position and do the other side.

3. Plank Pose for Runners:

Plank pose for runners

  • Continue your legs straight and marginally at a distance.
  • Keep straight your body.
  • Hold a flat upper back with your shoulder.
  • Keep elbows straight on your shoulders.
  • Keep your head back.
  • Put your hands in a slight distance.
  • Give Attention to keep a straight body from your chest to head.
  • If you feel the elbow plank is not difficult to do, then you can include a reverse or superman plank.

4. Lunge Pose for Runners:

Lunge pose for runners

  • Stand in a usual position.
  • Step frontward, sliding your foot along the floor till your heel touches some feet ahead of you.
  • Curve your front and back legs, letting down until your back knee is about 1 inch over the ground.
  • Continue for 3 to 4 seconds, return to normal position and change leg.
  • Keep your hips, knees, and shoulders are the same forward direction.
  • Your front heel should be under the mid of your knee.
  • Don’t curve your back.

5. Warrior III Pose for Runners:

Warrior III pose for runners

  • Stand straight.
  • Position your hands to the waistline.
  • Step the right foot a few distances frontward and give all of your load onto this leg.
  • Raise your left foot back as you lean your trunk frontward. As you raised your left leg, your body moves the same space frontward.
  • Look down at the ground.
  • Spread your fingertips frontward, palms fronting each other.
  • Take breaths for 2-6.
  • Gradually bring back your foot down and relax the arms.
  • Repeat on the other side.






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