4 Scientific Advantage of Having Dusky Skin Tone: Nobody will Reveal this!

Dear viewers, now I am going to do a brief chat on the advantages of having a dusky skin tone.

According to doctor Sirisha Singh– a cosmetic dermatologist, although most of us, especially Indian and African people, have dusky skin tone.

There are certainly some advantages to having a dusky skin tone.

The main reason is that dusky skin holds more melanin and even within the cells which hold the melanin.

dusky skin tone
4 Scientific Advantage of Having Dusky Skin Tone: Nobody will Reveal this! 3

The melanin is more widely dispersed in people with a dusky skin tone as compared to those people who have fairer skin tones.

1.  The biggest advantage of having more melanin in these skin cells is that it protects the skin against damage from ultraviolet radiation.

And this is the reason why people with fairer skin tones tend to burn on exposure to UV light whereas people with darker skin tones very rarely burn instead they get tan on exposure to UV light.

2. Another big advantage of having a dusky skin tone is that there is a lesser chance of certain forms of skin cancer — especially the types of skin cancers that are dangerous like squamous and melanoma skin cancers.

The incidence of squamous skin cancers and melanoma is much lesser in Indian and African origin people.

But since we feel that we are protected against these cancers, we tend not to get ourselves checked for these cancers and in those who do have this cancer the mortality rate is generally higher in Afro-Americans.

And in Indians, as compared to the Caucasians.

3. The third most important effect of having a dusky skin tone is that we tend to produce lesser Vitamin D.

Because the effect of sunlight on our skin is slightly reduced due to the presence of melanin.

Hence we as Indians need significantly more sunlight exposure to produce this amount of Vitamin D, which is required in our body as compared to people with fair skin tones like the Caucasians.

4. Another factor that need not necessarily be an advantage in people with dusky skin tones is because melanin protects our skin from UV damage.

Besides, dusky skin tones tend to age more slowly as compared to people with fairer skin tones.

In fact, there is a difference in the way the two skins age.

People with white skins like the Caucasians tend to get fine lines and wrinkles at an earlier age whereas in people with dusk skin tones the earlier sign of aging that we see is pigmentation.

Whereas lines and wrinkles tend to appear much later on and are usually signs of advanced aging in people with dusky skin tones.

If you have any further queries about your skin tone, do feel free to leave a comment in the comment box.

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