6 Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles: Using Very Cheap ingredients

Home Remedies for Dark Circles: Eyes are the most important and attractive organs for the human body.

Therefore, who wants to see dark circles under the eyes?

As they destroy our good looks.

There are some different issues like exhaustion, allergies, sun contact, thinning under the eye skin, eye pressure and less sleep that can occur to be darkened the skin at the side of the eyes.

Luckily, there are many true home remedies to help remove the dark circles.

They work by nourishing, hydrating, tightening and restoring the weak skin on the side of your eyes and also helps in vanishing the dark circles.

Here are a number of the most useful methods to eliminate the dark circles along with the assistance of natural home remedies for dark circles that everybody should know-

Home Remedies for Dark Circles

6 Best Home Remedies for Dark Circles:

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  1. Potato Juice:


Potato juice works as a cheap home remedy for dark circles.

To decrease the pigmentation of the skin at the side of the eyes, rinse a cotton ball into potato juice and employ the juice on the darkened parts as a minimum two times every day.

Potato juice helps in hydrating the weak skin at the side of your eyes.

Besides, it is known to help in exfoliating and soothing the skin. It holds an enzyme called catecholase which helps in brightening the dark skin.

  1. Cucumber:

Keeping a thin cucumber slice nearby your eyes skin is a well-liked home medicine for dark circles.

On the other hand, you can use fresh cucumber juice to the dark area of under eye skin.

Cucumber is a rich supply of antioxidants and silica which helps in restoring the weak skin at the side of your eyes and it also supports in eliminating the dark circles.

  1. Cold Tea Bag:


To get rid of the dark circles, keep cold damp tea bags on your shutdown eyes or the darkened skin about your eyes.

To get the best outcome, use cucumber juice to the darkened skin of your eyes before using cold damp tea bags.

Caffeine in the tea leaves supports in thinning the small blood vessels in the area of the eyes and also helps in decreasing the look of dark circles.

So, cold tea bags are the best home remedies for dark circles.

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  1. Lemon and tomato Juice Mixture:


Lemon and tomato have some properties that support in brightening the skin.

Moreover, the antioxidant-loaded citrus fruit juices support in restoring and tightening the weak skin about your eyes and also support in dropping look of dark circles.

Blend Lemon and tomato juice in equal portions. Employ them on the darkened skin at the side of your eyes.

Waiting for 10 minutes, clean off with cold water. Use the mixture every day, two times a day, for the best outcome.

  1. Mint, Parsley, and Lettuce:


Parsley, Mint, and lettuce are very popular cooking herbs.

They are full of minerals, antioxidants, vitamins, that support in irritating the skin.

They also help in vanishing pigmentation.

So, lettuce, mint, parsley juices are blended together and applied to the skin at the side of the eyes for eliminating the dark circles.

Include a small quantity of glycerin to the juices that got from the herbs to moisturize the weak skin below the eye and it also helps in leaving quick relief and works as one of the best Home Remedies for Dark Circles.

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  1. Chickpea Flour, Tomato, Lemon Juice, and Turmeric Paste


Turmeric is well-known for having its skin brightening agents. Its anti-inflammatory actions and antioxidant supports help to drop the darkened skin about your eyes.

Take 1 tsp orange juice, ½-tsp lemon juice, a pinch of ground turmeric, small quantity of chickpea flour.

Mix them properly to make a smooth paste. Employ the paste on the skin at the side of your eyes.

Leave them rest for about 10 minutes.

Then, wash it off using cold water.  

Use the mixture every day, because it will help you in removing the dark circles forever.


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