Know About Accomplished Pose – “Siddhasana” and Its Health Benefits

An English term of “Siddhasana” is Accomplished Pose, a sitting yoga posture supposed to be one of the most comforting sitting poses.

The Siddhasana is regarded as a refreshing pose that helps you to clean about seventy-two thousand of the body’s power routes or Nadis.

The word ‘siddha’ exactly means “the secret mysterious powers”.

Asana’ means “pose”, therefore when joining together; they mean “pose for revealing secret powers”.

The Siddhasana pose is the 1st step to the yogic practice of ‘samadhi’.

Research from the University of Hawaii states that samadhi is the 4th category of awareness.

This state of alert comes beyond the other relaxing states of dreaming, waking, and feeling a peaceful sleep.


This pose is tough to gain, however doing Siddhasana, Samadhi comes obviously as a next step.

Yogis think that anybody, who overcomes the Siddhasana pose, can easily beat themselves.

The pose teaches us in correcting the senses and bettering our attention.

The Accomplished Pose for women and men is similar, and both can get the payback of this pose if they continue to do it often.

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Steps for Accomplished Pose – “Siddhasana”:

  • Sit directly on the ground with applying your 2 legs extended in front of you. Stay your feet parallel to the floor, with the help of your heels securely set on the floor.
  • Keep the left leg curve at the knee; get the left heel to your place. While your heel starts to touch the perineum, crease your right leg from the knee and take the right heel simply against the area of the pubis. Let the right foot continue at a downward angle. This may be not easy for beginners and in this circumstance; you can hold a piece of folded cloth and place it at the point where 2 ankles meet the floor.
  • Put 1 ankle on top of the other, in order that there is no stress on the genitalia. The calm down angle of the right foot will support you with that. Touch the floor along with your left heel by applying both your knees.
  • Stretch your backbone and sit directly. Starters can use a blanket laying it on their backside to help them to stretch the backbone and make straight it.
  • Extend your arms onward and keep your 2 hands on both your knees. Allow the tip of your thumb meets the forefinger on both of the hands with the fingers of the other direction.
  • Close your eyes and do meditation. Try to fix your concentration on one target in space. Stay inhalation normally and continue in the pose for some seconds.
  • Do again the poses after turning around you have folded your legs.
  • Keep on breathing usually and stay in the pose for about the similar time you did the earlier cycle.

Safety Measures:

  • It is best to stop doing it when you have specific bodily complaints and troubles. For example, the pose is not suggested for those who have lately had any surgeries, particularly on their hip or back.
  • It is also not suggested for the person who is suffering from pain in the lower back and backache.
  • A person with arthritis, knee pain, or current knee injuries should also not do this posture.

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Health Benefits of Accomplished Pose “Siddhasana”:

  • This pose has many health benefits; however, the best advantage to body parts is the impulsion to a better circulation system.
  • Since the heel of the lesser feet pushes on the perineum, it encourages the Mooldhara Chakra that is situated in the pelvic area.
  • The heel of the higher foot pushes on the Swadisthana Chakra situated a little north of the Mooldhara Chakra.
  • The mixture of this motivation of chakras can forward the neural impulse of sexuality, and so manage the generative hormones in the body.
  • The Siddhasana pose decreases the pressure on the ankles, knees, and hips by toning them and making more aliment presented to them.
  • This pose is helpful to redirect the blood circulation to the belly and lower backbone. This makes lots of blood available to the pelvis, abdominal muscle area, and genital system.
  • The pose also helps in decreasing weight and help with the situation for example asthma and sleeplessness.

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