Protein Supplements Pills

Protein Supplements Pills or Powder | Are they good for you? [FDA Report]

You might search online to know about protein supplements pills and protein powders; it is showing you endless results.

But have you ever wondered which provides your muscles better strength? Or which ones can give you a positive result?

That is exactly the question. When are you done with all the pros and cons, the benefits of high protein tablets – what is actually the difference?

Here we are gathering you a few things about protein pills and protein powders to show you some promising ways to get the benefits of protein pills and protein powders.

Protein Supplements Pills

What are Protein Supplements Pills?

Protein capsules can effectively boost muscle recovery and protein synthesis.

These capsules are a kind of dietary supplement, which are used to raise your protein intake and make sure that you are receiving the necessary amino acids to promote your muscle development.

Averagely, it would be best if you take 0.36g of protein supplements pills every day depends on each pound of your body weight.

The overall amounts you will need to take vary from source to source.

But wait, that’s not all….

Protein supplements, when combined with regular exercise, are sure to give you amazing results.

How does muscle growth occur? It takes place due to the tearing of muscle fibers during weight lifting.

As you recover from your workout, these fibers heal, and your muscle mass gradually increases.

This is one reason why any particular method that supports protein synthesis is necessary.

By supplying your body with these 9 important amino acids, you are helping your body to build muscle tissue and create its own protein.

If you are a bodybuilder, this is great news for you.

Bodybuilders need to go through intense physical exercise, and thus they need a higher intake of protein than an average person.

The protein tablets provided this extra Protein.

So what’s the science behind this?

While digestion, enzymes called proteases break down protein.

As soon as the breaking down of protein is completed, they are converted into amino acids to help in muscle growth and repairing muscle tissue.

Concurrently, the additional protein you gain can help you to maintain a healthy and fit body. It also improves your immune system.

What are the Sources of Protein to produce these Pills?

Maybe you don’t want to believe this, but an average protein pill supplements contain just 2g of protein and that too, at most!

This is very little compared to protein powders, where you get around 20-25g protein at average, depending on how you are scooping.

If you compare them, there is no real competition between the powders and protein pills, as you will need to consume a whole lot of pills to get anywhere close to the amount of protein obtained from powders.

Let’s think about this – What type of protein can actually be found in such pills?

And what are the ingredients behind a perfect protein pill?

This varies from manufacturer to manufacturer; most of them either use whey or casein.

It’s, of course, true that you can try having – liver, beef, chicken, eggs or milk- but these are not that popular, which leaves us with two options which take the lead – whey and casein.

In fact, Athletes love high-protein pills made out of whey!

If we compare them, both can be digested and absorbed easily.

But the difference is, whey protein supplements pills appear in the bloodstream quicker.

It also has a greater anabolic effect on the growth of your muscle, as it contains more of the important amino acid – leucine.

One way or the other, if you are facing difficulty in choosing the best protein pill, we advise you to pick the ones which are composed of a high-quality protein source.

Also, keep in mind that they must be partnered with other crucial minerals and vitamins. By picking the correct protein pill, you are allowing your body to make more muscle.

Protein Tablet Benefits

Protein Tablet Benefits

To find out the health benefits of protein pills, you will first recognize that they are free from extra calories, unlike protein powders that require smoothies or shake to mix with.

Moreover, they don’t have a taste, which is great news for picky eaters.

It is also an advantage for you if you have a gentle stomach.

Although protein content may differ from brand to brand, the protein tablets normally give you 3 grams of protein/6 tablets.

There is a major benefit of Protein supplements pills that you may already know; they are easily portable.

Imagine carrying recovery shakes and canisters of protein powder every time you travel.

In the case of protein capsules, you can carry them using a gym bag or purse.

As well as this, protein in a pill form is free from any prep work and refrigeration.

Moreover, there’s no real proof that supports the claim that protein capsules pose long-term health risks.

The Protein Power study in 2018 revealed by the Clean Label project revealed that 70% of the most sold protein powder products contained noticeable amounts of lead.

Also, 74% had noticeable amounts of cadmium, and 55% contained noticeable amounts of BPA (A chemical known to cause tumors leading to cancer, developmental disorders and congenital disabilities).

At the same time, no study has shown that Protein supplements pills contain cadmium, BPA, or lead.

Why and How to Use Protein Supplements Pills?

Always remember one thing – protein in pill form is NEVER a replacement for regular meals.

Certainly, they do supply you with the necessary amino acids to promote muscle development and protein synthesis, but they can’t be successful without food. Food provides you with energy and nutrition.

This is a reason why you should consume protein supplements tablets along with meals to heighten your levels of energy.

For desirable results, you must consume the pills 2 hours before your workout session.

Doing this will give your body plenty of time for the digestion of the protein so that your body can utilize it.

You have filled with energy afterward, and you feel ready to perform.

Instead, you can take protein pills for muscle right after your workout session to boost, recovery and repair.

By the way, they aren’t dietary supplements and shouldn’t be taken for losing weight.

It would be best if you think that they are not dietary supplements, and thus they cannot be consumed protein pills for weight loss.

Definitely, the best protein pills can support exercise, and yes, they can provide your body extra energy to work out harder, but this is not working with weight loss at the same time.

Certainly, protein capsules can aid you in exercise, plus they can ensure that your body gets that extra fuel to work out harder.

But this cannot be taken for losing weight.

It would be best if you exercise hard to lose weight. If anything does have that protein pills increase your mass.

There is no alternative to getting amazing weight loss results other than working out hard.

The protein pills only ensure that you are gaining mass.

Difference between Protein supplements pills and powders

Just in case you are wondering what the difference between these two products is, we got you covered.

One major difference is the amount of protein the pills and powders contain, or in other words, how much protein they can provide you with.

In the case of protein vitamins pills, normally they provide you with 2g of protein every pill.

This is extremely less than the amount of protein in protein powders. In protein powders, a mere scoop can give you almost 20g of protein.

Plant-based protein powders can also give you a great deal of protein. For example, pea protein holds 21g of protein per 28g.

Protein pills have a dosage limit that confirms how many pills you can take within a time period of 24 hours.

Our advice is don’t start consuming a dozen pills in one serving, because you have to repeat this 3 times per day. If you take 10 pills in a single serving, this is not feasible.

Just don’t go with it, it’s definitely not worth it. Also, there’s much more you should consider.


There are extra calories in protein shakes, which assist you in gaining weight while bulking.

But protein pills don’t offer you those extra calories.

You can make protein shakes as a meal replacement.

It can fill your stomach if you mix them with fruit juices, milk or water.

But you cannot use protein pills as an alternative to a meal.

You can easily carry protein pills around you, anywhere you go.

Even if you carry them with you multiple times a day, they don’t require preparation.

Whereas, protein powders need a lot of preparation time, along with containers to carry them.

You will have to scoop out a specific amount and mix it with a solvent to drink it.

Just in case you are out all day, you will have to carry everything (the preparation), which is not at all convenient.

Protein powders are, most of the time – messy. We are not talking about preparing it.

If you put it inside a suitcase, backpack, etc., there’s always a chance that it will spill all over.

If flavors are to be compared, protein pills ought to win every single time.

You can always throw them down your throat and swallow, that’s all. Many unflavored protein powders have a disgusting aftertaste.


Indeed, they are generally the same product, although in different quantities.

They present to you the same types of protein, but the presentation is different.

When one is presented as a pill, another is presented as a powder.

Since they are the same, your body is also going to tackle them the same way.

The casings of capsules dissolve upon entering your mouth, which indicates that they are discharged into your body the same way as protein powders.

Does Protein Promote Weight Loss?

Increasing your protein intake using protein capsules is a good way to get rid of unwanted pounds, while you are engaged with workouts.

These supplements carry zero calories.

A study in January 2016 by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition included 40 people who exercised vigorously for a month while following a diet low in calories.

The research concluded that people who had a higher protein intake lost an equal amount of weight as well as gained more muscle compared to their low-protein diet following counterparts.

Protein pills are sure to provide you with nutritional benefits without the calories, unlike protein shakes, powders and bars.

If you were planning to lose weight without re-planning your entire diet, this could be a good alternative.

You’ll reap the benefits of a diet rich in protein without having to add calories or sugar to the diet.

Side Effects of Protein Powder

Protein Powder pill’s side effects may occur like joints and muscles pain as well as headaches.

Then digestive distress, mainly it is common for those who are allergic to whey.

Whey protein pills are a basic component for many OTC protein powders. So, you should consult with your doctor before consuming protein supplement pills.

Can you buy Protein Pills without Doctor’s Advice?

U.S Food & Drug Administration (FDA) advises people should not take any dietary supplements without discussing them with a professional first.

This applies especially to people who have existing health conditions.

Supplements don’t need any approval from the FDA, unlike medications that have a prescription.

Hence, these Protein supplements pills might contain components that are harmful to some people.

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