Top 5 Best Face Cleanser in 2023 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Cleansing your face is among the most important procedures in your skin-care routine. And as simple as it might sound, washing your face the right way can be a huge challenge.

To begin with, the whole process of skin cleansing is not so fashionable. But the results of constant proper skincare make it worth the hassle.

Top dermatologists warn that most skin inflammations and such unwanted skin reactions are the results of picking the wrong choice of face wash.

Therefore, depending on your taste, budget, and preferred results, you need to be able to pick the best face cleanser for your skin type.

Keep reading this guide and the reviews below to understand which cleanser works best for your skin.

Product NameBrandSkin TypeScentPrice
Facial Cleanser by Olay RegeneristOlay0, Oily, Combination, Normal-Check on Amazon
InstaNatural Vitamin C Face WashInstaNaturalAll, Oily, Sensitive, Dry, NormalCitrusCheck on Amazon
Murad Clarifying Facial CleanserMurad-Tea TreeCheck on Amazon
CeraVe Foaming Facial CleanserCeraVeNormal,OilyUnscentedCheck on Amazon
Amara Beauty Facial CleanserAmara BeautyAllTea TreeCheck on Amazon

Best Face Cleanser Reviews

There is a wide range of products to choose from when shopping for facial cleansers. That, however, does not make it any easier to bag the right face cleanser.

We have reviewed some of the best face cleansers available today, below. Feel free to pick the cleanser that fits your needs perfectly.

Facial Cleanser by Olay Regenerist

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Brighten your skin with the new Olay Facial Cleanser that leaves your skin feeling good and healthy immediately after use. The exfoliating face rub gets rid of dull skin and facilitates cell regeneration. You can use it as your daily scrub that leaves your skin smoother.

This cleanser by Olay Regenerist features a deep-cleaning formula that ensures the skin is left smoother with reduced showing pores. The facial cleanser is great for different skin types like oily, normal and combination. The active ingredients in the cleanser is salicylic acid and it comes in gel form.

Its foaming gel formula is meant to detoxify and moisten your skin. The lather polishes your facial skin leaving it glowing and attractive. This facial cleanser regenerates your skin cells to ensure continuous repair and increased cell turnover on your skin’s surface. And that is how you maintain flawless facial skin.


  • It works perfectly with most, if not all skin types
  • Leaves the face healthier and looking smoother
  • The formula contains anti-aging ingredients
  • Removes waterproof makeup with a single wash
  • The cleaner is anti-aging


  • Even though a safety warning is provided, it’s eye-burning

InstaNatural Facial Cleanser

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Protect your skin daily from environmental aggressors with the InstaNatural face wash. The gel is refreshing and makes your facial cleansing routine easier and enjoyable. The anti-aging face wash has aloe vera and green tea extract, which have beneficial effects on your skin. Other ingredients include sugar cane, chamomile and coconut water.

The cleanser is crafted with real results. Using it every morning will ensure your skin is kept glowing the whole day. This cleanser has a nice citrus scent that leaves your skin smelling fresh. Not only does it cleanse but also hydrates your skin and keeps it refreshed. Using this face cleanser minimizes the appearance of fine lines, dark spots and wrinkles on your face.

This gentle facial cleanser deep cleans your pores without foaming. The gel has natural ingredients that contain vitamin C. That is why you are guaranteed a healthier, tighter, and brighter face. Almost 89% of the customers who have used this facial cleanser have noticed improvement on their skin.

As if that is not enough, the facial cleanser does not pick a face. It is highly versatile and can be used for all skin types. The same way it deep cleans oily skin, the face wash leaves your dry skin properly moisturized.


  • Made using healthy, natural, and organic components
  • Non-foaming gel washes your face gently and refreshingly
  • Antibacterial face wash protects your skin from infections
  • Contain Aloe Vera that prevents irritation from pollutants
  • Works well on different skin types
  • Hydrating and refreshing facial cleanser
  • It has a nice citrus smell


  • Contain extra ingredients that might irritate sensitive skin
  • Leaves your skin dry

Murad Clarifying Cleanser

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The Murad Clarifying facial cleanser is a real gem if you are looking to get rid of acne or blemishes. The gel cleanser has a formula containing salicylic acids that mend skin breakages while protecting it from ever getting flawed. This cleanser is formulated to work perfectly with any skin type, leaving it soothed and calm. Thanks to the green tea extract.

You can protect your skin and attain smoothness and glow from a single wash. This clarifying gel helps the skin heal from breakages and keeps it healthier for longer. It works well for people with sensitive skin.

Using this face cleanser keeps you free from irritations and skin inflammations. The clarifying cleanser dissolves excess oil, purifies your skin pores and removes any present breakouts. Unlike other face cleaners, this one doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, gluten, phthalates and other ingredients that can be harmful on your skin.


  • The gel is formulated without any unnatural ingredient e.g., sulfates
  • Does not contain any animal-derived component
  • Can be used to cure and prevent acne
  • The clarifying gel contain healthy green tea extract
  • Leaves your skin feeling refreshing
  • The cleanser is easy to use


  • Not advisable for dry skins
  • Can cause allergic reactions
  • Some people breakout after using the cleanser

CeraVe Foaming Facial Cleanser 

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Remove dirt, makeup, or excess oil with this foaming face cleanser by CeraVe. This gentle face wash is formulated with non-drying ingredients and does not irritate your skin as well. Its essential ceramides formula adds up to your skin’s barrier making it more protected from environmental pollutants and bacteria.

This daily face cleanser is gentle on every wash, with fragrance-free ingredients that only leave the skin refreshed. It is one of the favorite beauty products among celebrity estheticians.  In addition, if you are looking for a dermatologist’s recommendation, then this is exactly what you should go for.

The face cleaner is great for normal and oily skin.  It contains hyaluronic acid, ceramides, and niacinamide. The combination of these there ingredients help to maintain your natural skin barrier. It is also paraben and fragrance-free.


  • Besides facial cleansing, it can also be used for washing hands and body
  • CeraVe Skincare products are recommended by dermatologists
  • Perfect for skins ranging from normal to oily
  • Lather clear gel to foam for deep-cleaning
  • It does not dry or irritate your skin
  • Great cleanser for your face and body


  • Foaming cleansers may make dry skins worse

Amara Beauty Facial Cleanser

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Wash your skin clean and leave it feeling fresh with this Amara Beauty face wash. The product contains naturally available vitamins that keep your skin healthy and protected.

The cleanser does not contain any ingredient obtained from animals or through any kind of cruelty. Also, it doesn’t contain sulfates, parabens, dyes, fragrances or any irritating fragrance. This product is made to work for all skin types.

This premium quality cleanser keeps your skin moisture properly balanced. No more dry and tight skins after your washing routine. It gets even better, this cleanser removes dirt, makeup and carefully washes extra oil from your skin.


  • Contains naturally available vitamins
  • Formulated from aloe vera extracts
  • Keeps your facial skin moisture balanced
  • Premium quality ingredients do not include harmful chemicals


  • The smell might not be everyone’s favorite

Other Best Face Cleansers We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

Farmacy Clean Bee Gentle Facial Cleanser

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Infuse your skin with moisture using the Farmacy Clean Bee facial cleanser. It is ideal for everyday use and works well for people with sensitive skin. The active ingredients in this cleanser is hyaluronic acid.

This soothing facial cleanser eliminates makeup, impurities, and excess oil on your face. It contains coconut, amino acids, and sugars, which are all-natural ingredients. No harsh ingredients can adversely affect your skin. The cleanser works well for all skin types, thanks to its pH level of 5.6.  It is quality with gentle ingredients like sugar, coconut, and amino acids that remove impurities, excess oil and makeup.

The hyaluronic acid in the cleaner penetrates deeply into your skin giving your skin hydration and moisture. The honey blend gives your skin antioxidant properties, nourishment, and moisture.

Using the cleanser is easy. Apply it on wet skin and massage gently in circular motions and then rinse with warm water. You can use the cleanser in the morning or at night. The cleaner does not dry your skin. It locks in moisture to allow the skin maintain its natural moisture.


  • The cleanser provides great results and has a pleasant smell
  • Its quality and quantity are worth the money
  • Suitable for daily use and works best for sensitive skin
  • It leaves your skin brighter without any residues


  • Might not be a good choice for acne-prone skin

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser

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If you love a younger and brighter complexion, this is the right exfoliating cleanser to use. It contains biodegradable jojoba seeds that scrub your skin manually.

The Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser is popular because of its intensive triple action. It has a combination of glycolic acids, lactic, and salicylic that get rid of dry and dull skin without any irritation.

These ingredients make your skin smooth, softer and promote overall cell turnover. The cleanser also works well for dry, oily, and normal skin. This cleaner provides hydrating, exfoliating and moisturizing effects. Add this cleanser in your cleansing regime and use it 2-3 times a week.

Simply rub the product using circular motions to remove dry and dull skin and rinse with warm water. It does not contain gluten, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, and other harmful ingredients. It contains essential ingredients that leave your skin healthy and smooth.


  • Offers a good level of exfoliation without irritation or breakouts
  • Its fine grits make it ideal for everyday use
  • The exfoliating cleanser leaves your skin hydrated
  • It leaves your skin well-polished and smooth


  • It has paraben and the small is not good

Best Face Cleanser Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Start your face cleansing routine with the best face cleanser today and enjoy healthy glowing skin. If you are looking for convincing results, you have to be well enlightened before ordering your face wash from the stores.

Below are some of the most crucial factors you have to check out before buying the right face cleansing product for your skin.

Ingredients and Formula

What exactly are you looking for in your facial cleanser? It is actually direct. You need to consider a formula that cleans off dirt and still leaves the skin healthy and moisturized.

Some of the important ingredients you should not miss include vitamin C that actively reduces skin inflammations and sensitivity. The antioxidant protects the skin from harmful infections while keeping it toned and glowing.

Cleansers with glycerin are also perfect if you are looking for something to moisten your dry skin.

Consider Your Skin Type

In addition, when picking your facial cleanser from the current market, you have to be aware of your skin type. Different products will do the same job but deliver different results.

So, what type of skin are you dealing with? It could be dry skin, sensitive skin, oily skin, combination skin, or normal skin.

Each of these skin types requires a specific kind of cleansing formula that will give you the perfect result.

Foaming or Non-foaming?

Foaming facial cleansers are perfect for oily skin. They deeply purify the skin, opening up pores and leaving the skin pH balanced.

On the other hand, if you have dry skin, you will require a different type of cleanser, probably the non-foaming types. Liquid and lotion types of cleansers leave the skin well moisturized without irritations.

In general, most non-foaming facial cleansers tend to be perfect for several skin types and conditions.

Medicated or Not?

Are you dealing with a specific skin condition? If you are using skincare products for acne, inflammations, or skin sensitivity, it is important to understand what facial cleanser will work best for you.

Combining acne treatment products with medicated cleansers can end up irritating your skin or leaving it too dry.

However, if there is not any other additional product in your skincare routine, medicated facial cleaners will improve your skin health.


Remember, if it works for a friend, family, or colleague with a similar skin type or condition, then it will probably work for you as well.

With the current crowded market, it so easy to purchase the wrong facial cleanser, which can end up giving you unwanted results.

If someone recommends a product that works for them, consider the similarities and differences you have as far as your skin tone is concerned. It will do you many good to pick the product recommended by the pros.

Avoid Extra Additives

Finally, avoid unnecessary additives in your cleanser. The perfect choice should be fragrance-free and free of any other extra ingredient that might react with your skin.

Nevertheless, look for sulfate-free facial cleansers to avoid irritating your skin. Preservatives added to your cleanser could be the reason why your skin is always uncomfortable.

The splashes to your face and itchy eyes are already uncomfortable enough, therefore, do not pick a facial cleanser that will worsen the situation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you need a face cleanser?

A face cleanser is an essential skin care product that is used to remove makeup, oil, dirt, dead skin cells, and other pollutants on your skin. It keeps your pores clear and prevents acne and other skin conditions.

How long should a cleanser stay on my face?

Each face cleanser comes with its own use instruction. A cleanser should stay on your skin for about 30-60 seconds.

How often should I wash my face?

Doctors recommend washing your face twice a day that is in the morning and at night. For those with sensitive or dry skin, you can skip using soap and just clean your face with water.

Is a face cleanser the same as a face wash?

There is a difference between a cleanser and a face wash. A face cleanser is made to hydrate, purify and bring soothing effects to your skin. It leaves a gel-like, milky, or watery texture. On the other hand, a face wash cleans your skin pores deeply and its texture is foamy.


Face cleansing is a crucial part of your skincare routine. Using a facial cleanser regularly provides many benefits like removing build-up on your skin, leaving it smooth and healthy. It also makes you look young and stimulates blood circulation among other benefits. It is good to choose the best face cleanser depending on your skin type. We have put together quality face cleansers that are suitable for different skin types. Know your skin type first, and then choose a cleanser made for that skin type for best results. I hope after reading this guide, you will find it easier to pick the right face cleanser for you.

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