How to Stop Body Odor: These 8 Tips Will Help You Remaining Fresh

Body odor is a regular phenomenon. It doesn’t occur much trouble if it remains normal.

But too much or horrible body odor may be embarrassed by others.

Body odor relates to strong, repellent odors that come from the body.

This typically happens when the sweat glands are overactive.

It may also be occurred by metabolic changes.

Body odor arises when the sweat mixes with the bacteria on the skin.

The body produces sweat in some conditions like in hot weather, during physical movement, in reaction to fear or anger.

Overactive sweat glands rarely make up a serious situation.

But if you are troubled by strong or continual body odor, it is suggested to talk to your doctor.

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It can happen when sweat touches bacteria that normally exist on the skin.

Sweat itself is inodorous; however, the mixture of sweat with skin bacteria can make an unpleasant odor.

Antiperspirant, Good hygiene, and deodorant products can be applied to deal with this kind of problem.

In some oddly serious conditions, strong deodorants or antiperspirants may be needed to stop body odor.

stop body odor

8 Tips To Stop Body Odor:

  1. Watch What You Eat:

First of all, you require watching what you consume.

Stay away from strong-smelling onion and garlic-based foods.

You will be shocked but these kinds of foods affect your body in several ways.

Select cooling beverages along with plain water.

Drink an adequate quantity of lime water, coconut water, rhododendron water, etc.

Add plenty of fruits and salads to your daily diet plan.

Green vegetables are a natural deodorizer.

Green salads will not only remain your skin fresh but also will clean up poisonous substances inside your body.

  1. Shower Time:

In the summer session, you should take shower two times a day and it should be about 5 minutes.

Maximum people shrink from having a bath, because it may take too much time.

But it is needed.

Include a bouquet and a handful of alum in your bath water, which works as a great antiseptic and anti-bacterial and they will remain you keep an eye on body odor.

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  1. Natural Deodorizer:

You can make a few magnificent herb-based deodorants at home, as some herbs are useful in fighting body odor.

From the centuries, the herbs that have been regularly applied to a range of beauty treatments are rosemary, sage,  chrysanthemum leaves, celery leaves, lovage leaves, and parsley leaves.

All can be made into tea, which can then be used as a wash.

Celery, sage, parsley, rosemary, and lovage also can be added regularly to the diet.

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar:

It works surprisingly for stopping body odor and holding the acid layer of the skin.

Mix 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar into 250-milliliter water and use often as a wash.

  1. Not Anything Like Lavender Oil:

Lavender oil is an outstanding deodorizer also.

Make lavender tea mixing 250 gm herbs into 250 ml boiling water, and then include some drops of Lavender oil before applying on yourself.

  1. Drink milk, lemon peel, and Camphor Tea:

For the people who have a continual problem with body odor, here’s an old-fashioned drink that works well.


  • 250ml milk
  • 1 peel of lemon
  • 3 drops camphor oil


Warm the milk slightly and soak the lemon peel in it for about ten minutes.

Then include camphor oil and drink the milk mixture before going to bed.

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  1. Say No to Smoking and Alcohol:

Smoking and Alcohol not only make the bad mouth smell but also body odor because it makes the poisonous substance in the body.

At what time you smoke, the smell tends to stay on your body and clothes for a longer period of time.

  1. Put on Light Clothes:

One more golden rule, particularly in hot climates is to put on cotton, khaki, jute, and all other natural fibers.

Keep away from synthetic clothes, which are not suitable, your skin to take breaths and stay away from tight-fitting dresses.

Put on loose airy clothes that appropriate air circulation for remaining cool.

These simple, but very helpful ways to stop body odor will help you feel better to smell.

Consider following them on a regular basis.

Other Tips To Stop Body Odor:

how to stop body odor

  • Add a pinch of camphor or a few drops of lemon essential oil to your bathing water.
  • Wash your undergarments alone using warm water.
  • Always Keep clean your underarms and pubic area. But, daily washing your vaginal may cause a pH misbalance.
  • If you exercise often, have an extra t-shirt and a pair of shorts in your fitness bag.
  • Keep a deodorant spray in your bag so as to use it whenever required.
  • Try to Use alcohol-free perfumes.
  • Put on clean socks and workout shoes and change them every single week.



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