Top 5 Best Cross-Trainer Sneakers for Women in 2023

As a female athlete, the first tip to a successful HIIT, CrossFit, or any other type of cross-training exercise is choosing the best cross-trainer sneakers for women. Most of these shoes are designed for several activities or to serve various purposes. You can use them to participate in more than one exercise or sports genre at a time.

The best ones even allow a smooth transition from intense cardio workouts to heavy lifting. Therefore, if it is true that your exercising is only as good as the shoes you wear, you need to do a thorough evaluation of the available options before you settle on any particular pair of shoes. With cross-training shoes, you need to be even more choosy.

Advantages of a Cross Trainer

A cross trainer is major gym equipment with tons of benefits. It is a great advantage to have access to this equipment. Some of its major advantages include accelerating weight loss and protecting your joints. A cross trainer can be compared to a treadmill in burning calories. It even feels easier to exercise on a cross trainer than on a treadmill because more muscles are engaged when you are using the former. So, it is very effective exercise equipment for weight loss.

Cross trainers are also reputable for protecting the joints. Cross training being an impact-free workout, it is generally easy on your joints. This makes cross-trainers a good alternative for users who experience joint pain. It significantly reduces the amount of pressure on the joints, especially the hip, and knee. Also, you can install it at home so that you can exercise in the comfort of your home.

Another advantage is that it works the whole body. Since it engages more muscles in the entire body, it burns more calories and ensures that your entire body is uniformly worked out. Besides, it is also a safer way to exercise. Being one of the safest equipment in the gym, a cross trainer reduces the chances of injury during exercise.

Top 5 Best Cross-Trainer Sneakers for Women Reviews

Having trouble picking the right pair of cross-trainer shoes for women? We have a complete guide and top picks for you.

New Balance Women’s 608 V5 Cross Trainer

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This is another lovely sneaker made by this reputable shoemaker. The Cross Trainer is made using a combination of some of the best materials and engineering. They are made with lightweight EVA cushioning that works well to protect your feet.

With these shoes on, you can concentrate more on whatever it is that you may be doing. That is because it is very comfortable and causes no interference or friction against your feet. The decorations are lively and attractive so that it compliments your style.

For the price, it is of great value. You can use it for a lot of activities, which makes it very versatile and convenient. You can use it for cross-training, running, weightlifting, and more. Also, they are presentable too.

Whether you have flat feet, skinny ankles, or sweaty feet, these shoes will be a great choice for you. The closure type is lace-up, so you can tie it as tight as you may be comfortable with. Since safety should be a priority, it is good to know that these shoes guarantee maximum safety.


  • Ensures safety;
  • Offers extra comfort;
  • Accommodates various feet shapes;
  • Recommendable for sweaty feet;
  • Lasts longer.


  • Not water resistant.

Puma Women’s Tazon 6 WN’s FM Cross-Trainer Shoe

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Puma just found a way to a woman’s heart. The Puma Women’s Tazon 6 has become many women’s favorite sneakers for almost everything. Its sleek, streamlined silhouette sets it apart from other models or competitors from other brands.

The upper part is made of synthetic leather, which can only amount to top quality and durability. With such a stylish pair of shoes, your confidence will be boosted by just putting them on. Besides, they are easy to maintain.

The breathable sockliner is a great innovation, ensuring optimum fit and comfort. The EVA in its heels absorbs impact and acts as a very efficient shock absorber. Similarly, it has a midfoot saddle, which plays a part in maximizing fit and comfort.

It is a pair of sneakers that is also easy to maintain and take care of. You can only clean it through dry cleaning. This will help maintain its original looks, always keeping it as fresh stylish, and attractive as ever.


  • Good on stability;
  • Easy complements stylish outfits;
  • Easy to put on and remove;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Made of quality.


  • Insoles would have been durable.

New Balance Women’s 577 V5 Cross Trainer

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Many users praise this pair of shoes for almost the same reasons. Its soft Cush+ missile cushioning is at the top of its most notable areas of strength. Thanks to this quality, the sneakers offer ultra-soft comfort.

Even if you were to wear them for a whole day for a straining exercise, under no circumstance would you experience discomfort. They also offer exemplary support, giving you the confidence you need to have in them.

It boasts of a synthetic upper part and lacks sew overlays. It is a design that boosts flexibility and comfort. There is almost no limit to how long you can wear these sneakers without experiencing fatigue or discomfort.

So long as you choose the perfect fit, you will always love your new pair of 577 V5 Cross Trainers. You can wear them to work every day of the week and they will always feel fresh on your feet. The lace-up closure ensures a secure fit.


  • Delivers superior traction;
  • Provides all-day comfort;
  • Offers maximum support;
  • Good looking;
  • Super protection and comfort.


  • Some users complain about the fit.

Reebok Women’s Nano X1 Cross Trainer

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From being so stylish to offering the highest level of comfort needed for optimal cross-training, this pair would be such a great addition to your sneakers collection. The design comprises an upper mesh part and a flexible outsole. The mesh upper makes it more breathable.

The Nano X1 stands out as a versatile creation, with a design that is aimed at boosting your workout success. The outsole is thick just enough to offer the protection possible to your feet while still maintaining a high level of comfort. Besides, it is also sleek and presentable.

Generally, these sneakers are made of quality, which reflects in their long-lasting nature. Every single part is durable and plays towards the overall impressive durability. In terms of weight, it is impressively lightweight.

There are grooves in the front soles that allow for a full range of motions and you can therefore use it in a wide range of workouts. Also, a pair of these will make it easy for you to do strength training and cardio.


  • Super flat and helpful for lifting weights;
  • Great for everyday wear too;
  • Made from top-quality materials;
  • Very comfortable;
  • Tight and fit with breathing space;


  • Hard to keep clean, especially if the house is outdoors.

Ryka Women’s Vida RZX

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These sneakers are so beautifully made, with a highly innovative design to optimize their performance. It has a RE-ZORB high-impact cushion in the heels. Such qualities help boost your comfort during cross-training.

Likewise, the sneaker boasts of the Ultra Flex forefoot on the top and base of the midsole for easy mobility. It looks so nice on women and you would look presentable in them. The top of the sneaker features a breathable mesh laced with supportive synthetic overlays.

Also, it enjoys cushioning and flexibility which will help you achieve the most with every cross-training. This model works well to reduce forefoot pressure and possible stain during a workout. It also protects you from friction and soreness.

Innovative features such as the anatomical precise-return footbed only make it even more conducive for strenuous workouts. Besides, it is very durable, thanks to high-quality materials and flexible engineering. You will find your size and will fit you so nicely.


  • Sleek and beautiful
  • Offers maximum protection to your feet
  • Lasts longer
  • Designed to absorb impact
  • Lightweight and easy on the ankles


  • The cushioning is not enough

Other Cross-Trainer Sneakers for Women We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List


Reebok Women’s Nano X Cross Trainer Running Shoes

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The Women’s Nano X Cross Trainer is proof that Reebok is still a force reckon with in the footwear industry. It is a wonderfully made women’s sneaker, with several innovative features. The upper part, for instance, is made of Flexweave woven textile.

Therefore, it provides resilient stretch and optimizes support, especially in key performance areas. This pair proves to be perfectly suited for functional fitness activities. The lace tips are tie-dyed, while the socliner is decorated with stylish graphics.

This is an iconic gym shoe, nicely suited for cross-training. The midsole cushioning is lightweight and super comfy. Similarly, this shoe has an outsole that offers traction and durability so that it serves you for longer.

The sneakers are very versatile and can protect your feet in different places. Besides being ideal for gym and general workouts, you can also use them to hit the streets or the studio. Interestingly, it will help bring out the best version of yourself.


  • Nicely accommodates wide flat feet too
  • Available in different colors
  • Extra padding around the ankle
  • Offer great support
  • Amazing for training


  • It has a weird sizing

Adidas Dropset Trainers Women’s

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This pair doubles up as sneakers for workouts and casual wear. You can match it with your favorite outfit for a more stylish look on your way out, whether you are traveling or simply taking a walk. Similarly, you can make your exercise more comfortable by wearing these.

It features a dual-density missile that not only adds to your comfort but also makes it more durable. The shoes are mainly made of quality, with textile and synthetic upper parts and textile lining. Therefore, it gives you every reason to step out in confidence.

The heel is stiff, which adds stability with every lifting of your foot. The shoe has a soft forefoot, which plays a critical role in boosting flexibility, especially during agility and mobility. Since the sneakers optimize comfort and stability, it allows you to stay focused during exercise.

This pair is generally easy to clean. You can help do it as often as possible without having to bend your workout schedule to accommodate the cleaning. It also boasts a removable inner sole, for easy cleaning and airing.


  • Great for weight training
  • So cute and comfortable
  • Ideal for training and exercise
  • Machine washable
  • Made of durable material


  • Requires you to size down since they can be too big for some people

Cross-Trainer Sneakers for Women Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Depending on the cross-trainer shoes that you choose, the activities that you can use them for will vary. Therefore, the activities that you intend to use the sneakers for should guide your choice of the right model.


Cross-training shoes can serve many purposes and can be used for many different activities. That’s why you need sneakers that can hold up during all those activities. You need to evaluate the durability of the shoes by checking the materials used and the engineering. Upper parts made of materials reinforced mesh tend to be more durable. Considering that cross-training is not so intense, it may not expose your new sneakers to so much wear and tear.


When it comes to materials, users have preferences too. The upper part of the sneakers may be made of reinforced mesh, a blend of leather, thermoplastic polyurethane, synthetic materials, or mesh. It can be any of the above or something else. Each of these materials has its strength and weaknesses that you should consider when trying to make a choice. Some companies develop their proprietary materials.


How comfortable is your sneaker? It will always come down to how comfortable you are whether you are working out or just strolling in your neighborhood. The last thing you need during your cross-training exercise is discomfort. So, you have to evaluate the shoes based on several comfort-enhancing features. Qualities that boost your overall comfort include cushioned interior, breathable design, the thickness of the sole, materials used, and proper ft among other features.


Intense cardio, heavy lifting, or similar workouts that involve explosive movements requires that you put on shoes that offer as much stability as possible. Having shoes that you know are there to support you gives you the confidence you need to successfully achieve your workout goals. Stability also helps protect you from injuries. Shoes that have an all-rubber outsole are among the most stable of them all. It is even better if it includes TPU. Other things to look for if you want a stable pair to include extended rubber outsoles as well as heel cups and clips.


Traction prevents you from slipping. Nobody would like it if they slip right in the middle of a serious exercise. It would not only be risky but can also be embarrassing when slipping in front of everyone. Cross-training sneakers typically have more traction than other types such as running shoes. However, when choosing your next pair go for the one with even better traction than other cross-trainer shoes. The shoes should like they are gripping the ground below you when you wear them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I wear running shoes for cross-training?

A: No, it is not a good idea. Typical cross-training shoes have extra cushioning in the forefoot so that when you land on your toes it absorbs the impact. Running shoes on the other hand have both forefeet cushioning and padding in the heel. The former is meant to support foot strikes.

Q: Can a cross trainer reduce belly fat?

A: Yes, it can. Considering that this equipment is used to simulate walking, running, or climbing stairs without straining the joints, it reduces the impact of an injury. But that is also how it helps burn calories and reduce belly fat.

Q: What is the difference between cross-training shoes and running shoes?

A: The main difference lies in flexibility. While running shoes support your feet and bend when your heels strike the ground, cross-trainer shoes are much less flexible. Likewise, running shoes have more cushioning on the back half and less cushioning on the front half which is not the case with cross-trainer shoes.

Q: How long can you get results from a cross-trainer?

A: That would depend on several other variables, including your diet, workout goals, body fat, and exercise intensity. Similarly, it will also depend on the time you spend on the machine. The more you train on the machine the faster you will get results.

Final Verdict

Use this guide to select your next best Cross-Trainer Sneakers for Women. It has covered everything you need to know about the sneakers you need for better training. As you have seen, most of these models are versatile and can be used for different occasions or activities. Your preference should largely be determined by your needs, workout goals, style, and budget among other factors. There may be lots of brands and models that make your work harder to choose, but with proper analysis and use of this article’s guide, you will not have any problem finding the perfect pair of sneakers for cross-training.

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