Ways to Stop Tooth Decay: How Sugar Makes Cavity Like a Silent Killer!

Most of us possibly know that sugar is not a good thing for our teeth, however, it wasn’t at all times acceptable, while “Aristotle”- a Greek philosopher first time discovered that sweet foods cause tooth decay, no one believed him.

But science has developed, one thing is confirmed — sugar occurs tooth decay. That means, sugar on its own is not the culprit.

Somewhat, the chain of events that takes place next is too guilty.

Please take a look at how sugar strikes our teeth and some ways to stop tooth decay.

Tooth Decay

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Reasons for Tooth Decay:

1. Your Mouth Is a Field of Battle:

Many kinds of bacteria live in your mouth.

A few of them are helpful for your dental health, however, others are risky.

Studies have proven a particular group of harmful bacteria that create acid in the mouth when they meet with sugar.

These acids are responsible for removing minerals from the teeth. This procedure is called demineralization.

Good news is that your saliva always helps to stop this damage naturally, that is called re-mineralization.

Minerals in saliva, like phosphate and calcium as well as fluoride from water and toothpaste, help the enamel to repair itself, helps from losing the minerals in “acid attack.” For this reason, your tooth gets stronger.

But, the repeated acid attacks cycle occurs mineral loss in the enamel. Over time, it ruins the enamel along with makes to a cavity.

The cavity is a kind of tooth hole that causes tooth decay.

If you don’t treat the cavity, it can spread into the tooth, which makes pain and potential tooth loss.

The tooth cavity is responsible for tooth pain in eating to foods.

2. Sugar Cubes:

Sugar pulls the bad bacteria like a magnet.

There are 2 types of harmful bacteria found in the mouth such as Streptococcus sorbrinus and mutants.

Both of them live on the sugar that you consume and make the bacterial plaque.

If the plaque is not washed out by brushing, it makes an acidic environment in the mouth.

The pH scale evaluates the basic or acidic result. Level 7 is neutral.

If pH level falls below 5.5, acids begin to dissolve minerals and ruin the tooth’s enamel. In this time, small holes will create.

Day by day they will convert into a large hole. Currently, studies have found that certain food habits occur the creation of cavities.

3. Eating High-Sugar Snacks:

Think one more time before eating sugary snacks.

Many studies have found that the regular eating of sugary and sweet drinks causes cavities.

It increases the effects of many acids, happen tooth decay.

A current study revealed among teenagers that those who snacked on potato chips and cookies were 4 times more cavities than those who did not.

4. Drinking Acidic and Sugary Beverages:

A study found that drinking 1–2 sugary drinks daily is connected to occurring 31% higher risk of cavities.

Most sources of sugary drinks are juices, sports, soft and energy drinks.

Having a high amount of acids and sugars is responsible for tooth decay.

Drinking a sugary drink over 2 times daily will make to losing 6 teeth.

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Some Ways to Stop Tooth Decay:

High Fiber Vegetables:

Confirm eating a high balanced diet like fresh fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and dairy products.

If you want to eat sweetened foods or acidic drinks, eat them with your meals.

Try to use a straw, if drinking acidic and sugary drinks.

This will make your teeth to contactless to acid and sugar in the beverages.

Besides, include raw vegetables and fruits in your meals for increasing saliva in your mouth.

Do not make a habit of your baby to stay with fruit juices, sugary drinks, or formula milk.

Cut Down on Sugar:

Sticky and sugary diets should be eaten only at times.

Try to drink tap water that contains fluoride for rinsing out your mouth and for diluting sugar that sticks to the tooth.

Furthermore, try to drink soft drinks moderately.

If you occasionally drink them, remember not to sip them slowly for a long time.

This leads your teeth to acid and sugar attacks for longer.

Run-through a Good Oral Hygiene:

Brushing a minimum of 2 times per day is important to stop tooth decay and cavities.

It’s suggested to brush after every meal if possible and before going to bed.

You can stimulate more good oral hygiene by applying fluoride toothpaste. It will help you to protect your teeth.

Moreover, increasing the flow of saliva helps to wash the teeth in useful minerals.

Sugar-free Chewing gum may also help you to stop forming the plaque by increasing saliva re-mineralization.

Lastly, confirm going to your dentist every 6 months to ensure keeping your teeth and gums healthy.

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