What are the Side Effects of Turmeric on the Skin?

What are the side effects of turmeric on the skin: Turmeric could be an outstanding spice for your skin; particularly for lowering irritation.

But it has a few risky side effects if you use it too much on your skin.

What are the Side Effects of Turmeric

Quantity is to be regarded first; before using turmeric on your skin.

Don’t try to use it over 1 teaspoon daily on a small part of your skin; for example your hands or face.

One more very important thing, you have to do that mix ¼ teaspoon of ground turmeric and ¼ teaspoon of warm water together, then, use it on your skin and see the result.

If it gets red or itchy, then, you should stop using turmeric on your skin totally.

But, what are the side effects of turmeric on the skin?

Did you ask yourself before?

Dear viewers, here, I’m going to reveal the most unsafe and disturbing turmeric side effects on your skin.

You have to use the right dosage of turmeric only if you see such effects harming you.

Because if you abuse it, it can have a few side effects on your skin

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Let See What are the Side Effects of Turmeric on the Skin?


Folliculitis simply means suffering from pain in your skin.

In this case, you will see small pimples, they are not very dangerous, but it can occur severe pain if not treated.

This type of side effect happens if you use an excess amount (over 1 teaspoon a day) of turmeric on your skin directly.

But, at times, if you use excess turmeric on your skin, folliculitis gets worse and even make permanent damages like scars.

By using moderately, you can get the best benefits of turmeric on using your face and skin and it is very easy.

If you see your skin starting pain, you require stopping instantly to stop the permanent damage.

Are maximum people going to be scared after reading this article about the side effects of turmeric on the skin?

Don’t worry; you require understanding that turmeric can be very useful, but, in moderation.

It can bring the best benefits of turmeric to your skin.


Flakiness means dry skin. Normally it’s not serious, but it can be painful and unattractive.

Serious flakiness on the skin can occur in a disorder called ichthyosis.

Luckily, most flaking skin is caused by environmental issues like cold or hot temperature, low moisture, and soaking in hot water.

In this case, the outer layer of your skin becomes weak and fragile.

Therefore, stop using an excess amount of turmeric on your flaky skin.

If you miss-use turmeric, in this case, you are going to suffer from permanent skin damage, but don’t worry; the moment you stop using it, your skin will get back to normal.


If your skin is too sensitive to allergy, don’t use turmeric in an excess amount.

Because fungi and bacteria on the skin may occur itchiness and pain.

Turmeric is very powerful, but it can cause more itchiness on sensitive skin.

Therefore, ask your doctor first before using turmeric on your skin and face.

If you use more turmeric, in this case, your skin may occur to permanent damage.

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Redness on the skin is directly connected to the itchy sensation.

In this case, you cannot use turmeric without asking your doctor.

Temporary Hair Loss:

Definitely, you may suffer from short-term hair loss if you use too much turmeric, more than 1 teaspoon daily in one small part of your skin.

Keep in mind, turmeric is very powerful and can occur terrific stress on your skin if used too much.

Try to understand that using too much turmeric on your skin, particularly in a very small area, can be somewhat risky, but, do not think that turmeric is entire to be avoided.

Actually, I really believe that it is one of the safest than maximum cosmetic products sold these days.

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