Top 5 Best Adjustable Ankle Weights in 2023 – Reviews

There can be no better way to make your training a bit more challenging than to add ankle weights to it. All you need is simple but effective weights to complement your fitness routine. Whether you want ankle weights that are adjustable or not comes down to your preference. Different people may have varying tastes and likes.

It takes some effort to choose the right ankle weight for your preference or which falls within your budget. The effort involves a thorough evaluation of the available options, brands, or models. To do so, there are certain factors that you may need to consider when choosing. Here is a complete review of the best adjustable ankle weights.

Product NameSizeMaterialColorPrice
APEXUP Adjustable Ankle Weights2-10 lbsNeopreneBlackCheck on Amazon
Henkelion 1 Pair 2 3 5 10 Lbs Adjustable Ankle Weights2 lbs (x2)Neoprene, CottonBlackCheck on Amazon
Gymenist Pair Of Ankle WeightsOne sizeNeopreneBlueCheck on Amazon
BalanceFrom Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weights2Lbs Pair (1 lbs each)NylonPinkCheck on Amazon
Polyfit Wrist & Ankle Weights-Alloy Steel, SiliconeTEALCheck on Amazon

Best Adjustable Ankle Weights Reviews

If you engage in exercises that target your hip and leg muscles, wearing ankle weights can be helpful. Check our top reviews for recommended adjustable ankle weights.

APEXUP Adjustable Ankle Weights

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Check Price on Amazon

If you are looking for how to work out efficiently, look no further. This pair of ankle weights will spice up your training with just the right challenge. They are effective and proven to offer optimal results within a reasonable time frame. It is ideal for yoga, swimming, running, walking, physical therapy, and home gym use.

These premium quality ankle weights will help you take your workouts to a whole new level without having to add more bulky equipment to your gym collection. These strength training wrist and ankle weights are made of sleeve material, which is super soft and comfy. They are filled with iron sand which gives them a compact profile.

The package includes two ankle weights, each having 5 weight modules. With each module weighing 1 pound, it means you can adjust the heaviness of each ankle weight from 1-5 pounds. This allows you to plan your workouts with gradual ascending of the level of difficulty. You can start simple and graduate to the next weight systematically.

They are available in different color options just in case you have a favorite color or style. Therefore, you can match it up with your training outfit for a more confident look. Besides, you can buy them for your loved ones as a gift, and it will be a creative choice. Since the Velcro is easily adjustable, the weights fit all ankle sizes and can also be used as arm weights.


  • Available in different color options
  • Can double up as arm weights
  • Designed for unisex use
  • You can adjust each weight from 1-5 pounds
  • Maximum comfort during training


  • Women with small ankles have complained about the fit

Henkelion 1 Pair Adjustable Ankle Weights

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This is a lovely pair of ankle weights created for adults and children alike. Also, both males and females can use it to their benefit. The pair have separable weight bags used to adjust the weight. Thanks to the Velcro features, they hold tight to your wrist and ankle so much they never slide off no matter how vigorously you move during workouts.

The weights are synonymous with comfort, especially since they are made of mercerized cotton. It is a breathable material, soft, and with high liquid absorbing qualities. Your sweat and moisture that might make you uncomfortable are absorbed quickly and without leaving a mess behind.

This product is available in various weight options ranging from 4 pounds a pair. Reflexive silver stripes on the weights are a vital safety feature that makes you more visible to motorists during late-evening workouts. They also have an elongated design, which makes them feel even smoother on your leg and arm.

There is almost no limit to places where you can use this. They are ideal for use in the gym while doing gymnastics, jogging, aerobics, or any other fitness activity. It will help you by protecting your joints besides strengthening your muscles. They are also suited for different body types. The weights are available for core training and facilitate faster recovery.


  • Separable weight bags helps to regulate weights
  • Feels smooth on the skin
  • Offer wide applications
  • The Velcro holds it well on you
  • Made of the best cotton quality


  • They are a bit clumsy

Gymenist Pair of Ankle Weights

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Nothing boosts endurance training better than good ankle and wrist weights. The Gymenist Pair of Ankle Weights are innovatively designed to optimize their performance towards helping you achieve your fitness goals within the planned time. Also, since they are made of high-quality materials, training with them feels comfortable.

The package comes complete with 2 ankle wraps and 20 metal sticks each weighing 0.5 pounds. The weights are easily adjustable for tightness on your wrists and ankles. Each of the ankle wraps has 10 slots for the metal sticks to be fitted in to increase the weight or removed to reduce weight.

Both the weights and their tight fits are adjustable. To adjust the weight, you choose the number of metal sticks to install into the ankle wraps. More sticks mean larger weight and higher difficulty and vice versa. You can also remove the metal sticks from the wraps to reduce the weight.

The weights are great for training to strengthen the ankles, calves, and thighs. It will improve every part of your arms and legs. If you do not have enough time for the gym, you can use these weights any time with other activities. You can put them on while doing your household chores when taking a walk or going shopping.


  • You can easily change the content of the weights
  • Soft, spongy, and comfortable
  • Versatile and convenient
  • Tightly fit and never shake off
  • Engages every muscle of your arms and legs


  • The Velcro loses its stickiness after some time

BalanceFrom Fully Adjustable Ankle Wrist Arm Leg Weights

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These ankle and wrist weights add a whole new level of difficulty to any form of exercise. The difficulty it adds calls for more effort from you. With these, you will be able to increase the results easily. Once you put them on, every movement will make a big difference in achieving your fitness goals.

The BalanceFrom Fully Adjustable weights high-quality materials with moisture absorbing qualities. Also, they are breathable and comfortable. It has a neoprene exterior and a super soft interior. It is designed for all adults both male and female.

The weights are durable with reinforced stitching that holds them together. You add this equipment to the equation, you increase the result you get with each fitness routine. Also, it is fully adjustable, with a Velcro pad that makes it easy to put on and off. Thanks to the Velcro pad, one size can be adjusted to fit all ankle or Wrist sizes.

They are available in different sizes and colors, which gives you the chance to pick a favorite. Some of the available color options include pink, green, blue, purple, grey, black, red, and orange. They also come in different weight levels. Each come in pair so that you work out uniformly and to maintain balance.


  • Easy to put on and off
  • Velcro pad provides the perfect fit
  • Great for men and women
  • Can be used with many fitness workouts
  • Perfectly engineered for maximum comfort


  • The colors listed are not accurate in the actual sense

Polyfit Wrist & Ankle Weights

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You can upgrade your exercises with these amazing workout tools. Besides helping you level up your fitness activities, it would be a great addition to your gym equipment collection. They are lightweights weighing just 1.1 kg per pair and wearing them provides you with a hands-free exercise style.

Besides, these wrist and ankle weights are versatile in that you can use them almost anywhere. There is no limit to where you can go with these. If your backyard is spacious enough, you can jog around, dance or do yoga with the Polyfit Wrist & Ankle Weights on. You can even use them in a spacious room.

You can also wear them while working. Whether you are doing household chores, daily tasks, or simply exercising, you can put them on and the result will be a phenomenon. If you have to use them outdoors, the good news is that they are modern and stylish. You will highly likely look great in them regardless of the workout outfit you choose.

Being that this equipment is made of premium materials, it promises high performance. Its high-quality silicon material body is safe, comfortable, and gentle on the skin. This also ensures exceptional durability. It is easily adjustable and odor-free for complete comfort during a workout.


  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Makes workout easy
  • Stress-free to achieve fitness goals
  • Made from high-quality materials
  • Stylish and modern design


  • Not heavy enough for stronger people

Other Adjustable Ankle Weights We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

AMBOR Ankle Weights

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B08FX53G53&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fitnessforlife24 20&language=en USir?t=fitnessforlife24 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08FX53G53
Check Price on Amazon

This ankle weight comes in a pair, accompanied by five removable iron beads pockets for each ankle weight. It also has a smaller volume that makes it easier to adjust the weights as preferred. The weight of each pocket is 0.2 pounds for the sum of each ankle weight which can be adjusted from 0.2 to 1 pound by adding or removing the weights.

The material used to make these ankle weights are ensured to be comfortable, flexible, and soft. They are specially made from neoprene, thus giving the person wearing them a smooth feeling and proper skin protection. Cotton is also another material used and it absorbs moisture better, it is breathable, durable, and has a comfortable feeling when worn.

These adjustable ankle weights are for men, women, and children. They are exemplary tools for various exercises which in turn helps to increase workouts that are beneficial to general health. Likewise, they come in different colors and weights, so you always choose what best suits your needs, tastes, and preferences.

The weights are easy to use. It comes with a Velcro band which is extended by design thus giving you room to tighten and loosen it to your liking and how it suits you best. This feature ensures comfortability in accordance with your ankle size thus preventing the ankle weights from sliding down.


  • Adjustable leg weights
  • Strength training ankle weight
  • Upgraded compact design
  • Wrist weight straps set for various activities
  • Wider strap with Velcro


  • Feels weird with rapid movements

CAP Barbell HHA-CB020A1 Adjustable Ankle Weights

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B0088ZVLAM&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=fitnessforlife24 20&language=en USir?t=fitnessforlife24 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0088ZVLAM
Check Price on Amazon

This brand has been around for a long time now with locations around the globe producing fitness products thus making it to be trusted in producing quality ankle weights. These ankle weights have a long strap with a hook and loop closure. This makes it easy to adjust and strap it well around your ankle with a firm grip no matter your ankle size.

You can alter the weights to your most preferred heaviness. They also have external weight pockets that are filled with enclosed in a zippered compartment. This makes it easier to adjust to the weights that best suit your needs.

These weights are made using polyester which is usually comfortable and the material is easy to wash and thus easy to maintain clean. The fact that they also have an adjustable hook and loop closure, makes them that secure grip and avoids the weights from slipping off the ankles.

These ankle weights each have 10 pounds weights for a total of 20 pounds. Each ankle weight consists of five 2-pound removable weight packs. This helps you to customize your workouts without having to take them off your ankles. You simply add or remove the weights according to your desire. This also helps to tone and shape your muscles, builds your stamina, and gives your legs an overall toned look.


  • It is a trusted brand
  • They can be worn anywhere with almost any activity
  • Added resistance
  • Superior materials used
  • They are easily adjustable


  • They are bulky

Best Adjustable Ankle Weight Buying Guide – Things to Consider

While there are many adjustable ankle weights, how do you choose the best? Below are some essential tips that should guide you in picking the right ankle weights.

Material Used

There are several different material types used to make these ankle weights and choosing the best according to your suitability and preference can result in a great experience. For instance, there are those made from neoprene material which is considered best for breathability and the best alternative for those who might be allergic to silicon.

Those made of silicone on the other hand are easier to clean and sweat resistant and are mostly used together with the elastic band thus making them comfortable. One can also decide to go for materials such as cotton or polyester which are considered to be more comfortable and softer thus providing extra comfort during those workouts.


While choosing a suitable ankle weight, picking one which is adjustable by weight can be convenient. You can start with a smaller weight and increase it steadily as your strength and resistance increase. Choosing a heavier weight for the start will be much harder and more strenuous to use and can end up causing your feet some difficulty.

Adjustability also touches on the fit. You need to consider how easy it is to adjust the fit. Velcro pads are great since they allow you to adjust your ankle weights for the perfect fit to be achieved for any ankle size.


Comfortability is also a major factor to consider because you will be wearing them during workouts and you will want something that will make your ankles feel good and relaxed. When working out while you are uncomfortable, it might be difficult to achieve your goals just because of the pain caused by ankle weights.

Going for the right size is also key to achieving comfort. For instance, smaller ankle weights should be given greater consideration by those who have smaller ankles to ensure they fit tightly, firmly, or securely enough before the intended workout.

Type of Closure

The type of closure used on the ankle weights should also be secure and in perfect shape as this determines your safety during workouts. Most people would prefer ones that are made using Velcro which is usually adjustable.

Buckle closures are considered to be long lasting than Velcro but sometimes can get uncomfortable. Other ankle weights use d-rings and O-rings closures which can also be great for those that may be uncomfortable while using ones made of buckle closures.


Being smart and presentable is what most people are always looking out for. So, while choosing ankle weights, special consideration should be put on choosing the ones that are fitting to minimize ambiguity. One can also consider choosing those that are more discrete and not easily pointed out when working out in public like at the gym.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use ankle weights when running or walking?

Your safety while running or walking with the ankle weights on is debatable. But manufacturers assure us that there is nothing to worry about. They maintain that it is safe.

What is the right or best way to use ankle weights?

The best way to use them is to pair them with the right form of exercise. As long as your balance is not comprised when swimming, running, or doing spine twists, feel free to add ankle weights to it.

Can ankle right help in recovery from injury?

Yes. By helping to rebuild and strengthen your muscles, ankle weights can help you recover from injury. Use a lighter weight and do moderate exercise in that case.


We have thoroughly evaluated the best adjustable ankle weights to come up with these. They are the best of the best. Most of them, if not all, can be worn by anyone, especially since none of them is made for any particular gender. Also, they can be worn anywhere be it at home during workouts while jogging or even when you are just taking a stroll. Doing your workouts or maybe streaming live for public consumption with these attractive and stylish ankle weights can boost your public outlook.

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