Best Organic Cosmetics Concepts: Everything You Need to Know

I am here to talk to you about organic cosmetics. So, what are organic cosmetics?

According to Dr.Kiran Lohia, a New York dermatologist currently practicing in India said that all of you are wondering what it is and whether or not you want to use them.

So organic cosmetics actually have a few definitions.

The most important thing is that they are natural.

Best Organic Cosmetics

Natural essentially means that they don’t contain certain ingredients that are supposedly unnatural okay?

Now, what do I mean supposedly unnatural?

That means while they may have been derived from a natural ingredient.

They are now more downstream, and maybe some studies show that some natural ingredients can cause some harm to humans.

So this may include something like paraben or artificial fragrances or artificial colors. All of these are considered unnatural zone.

So if you are looking for more natural cosmetics then you are going towards the organic range which has paraben-free, silicone-free, color-free, fragrance-free. it’s free. Okay?

The second part of organic cosmetics is the ingredients. Now all of us love those natural ingredients.

We want the neem extract; we want the orchid extract. We want these beautiful floral or vegetal ingredients.

Now, these ingredients are made in a certain way.

They can be made on a farm that is full of pesticides, full of additives to make them grow really big.

Or they can be made on an organic farm. Organic farm meaning there are no pesticides there are no additives.

It’s actually really naturally made, and there is no GMO, which means the seeds aren’t genetically modified.

Do you need to use organic cosmetics?

Maybe not, it is not mandatory. Technically from your environment, you get enough additives and pollutants than you really should.

Does it really matter if you are applying it to your skin?

It actually depends on what kind of skin you have.

Do you have very sensitive skin? Do you just prefer a more natural life?

It’s really up to you. Organic skincare and natural products are so prevalent now worldwide. It’s really easy to find.

Organic makeup is actually mineral-based, so it’s pure minerals. It’s lovely to use, so there are no side effects, there are no allergic reactions usually very comfortable.

So you have to make the decision do you want to go organic or not. It is up to you.

Saidur Rahman
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