Top 9 Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes for All: MUST READ!

Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes: Diabetes happens when our body falls into a problem with insulin levels. Our body’s insulin level may become seriously low or very high.

Many reasons are involved in this health trouble like genetics, overweight, and diet.

As a serious health concern, diabetes is affecting millions and millions of people in the world nowadays.

Early signs and symptoms of diabetes (Type 1 and Type 2) are the same. Type 2 diabetes could result in a few serious health problems.

Therefore, it is very much necessary to diagnose some of the early signs and symptoms of diabetes. If you take the correct steps from the early stage, it could help in stopping these problems.

Actually, type 1 diabetes occurs for the lack of insulin, as the insulin-generating cells are damaged.

On the other hand, type 2 diabetes occurs while our body’s cells become resistant to produce insulin.

In fact, the cells of your body are not getting the glucose for its requirement, for this reason, your body will warn you of some of the early signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Look into the top 9 early signs and symptoms of diabetes in men and women below-

Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes

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Early Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:

  1. Repeated Trips to The Washroom:

At this moment, you will go to the washroom too frequently due to excessive glucose in your blood.

If insulin is useless, your kidneys will unable to filter the glucose back to the blood.

At that time, they become flooded out and draw out excess water in your blood for diluting the glucose.

Your own urinary bladder becomes full, so you go to the washroom too frequently.

  1. Thirsty Feeling:

If you feel thirsty than normal, it can be one of the early signs and symptoms of diabetes.

Particularly, it looks as if go the washroom is too frequent for urination. At that time your body will pull extra water out of your blood and you go to the restroom more than normal.

You will become thirsty to drink more water.

  1. Weight Loss Without Trying:

Excessive high blood sugar levels in this situation can result in weight loss.  Almost 10-20 pounds’ weight loss within 2-3 months.  But this is not a healthy weight loss process.

As the insulin hormone is not sending the glucose into the cells to use. You will feel hungry and start to break down protein from the muscles as an alternative source of energy.

Also, our kidneys will not work actively for removing too much sugar, and this is also a reason for burning extra calories.

  1. Feel Very Hungry:

Feeling excessively hungry is one more early sign and symptom of diabetes.

As mentioned before, too much loss of sugar occurs in repeated urination. That means, your body is losing calories.

An unexpected weight loss will occur.

But, this loss of calories will leave our body feeling very hungry.

You will eat more to maintain the rotation.

Feeling too much hungry all day long and other indications on this list will prompt you to visit the doctor.

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  1. Weakness and Fatigue:

The glucose from eating foods firstly goes into your arteries, whereas insulin helps to change it into the body cells. The cells are created as energy, which we require for living.

If your body’s cell does not react to the loss of insulin, the glucose will stay out of the body cells in the blood.

As a result, the cells will become hungry and you will feel exhausted and weak.

  1. Numbness in Hands and Feet:

Too much sugar in the blood can damage your nervous system, a condition called Diabetic Nephropathy. It is regarded as one of the main causes of numbness in hands and feet.

At that moment, the individual should definitely go to a doctor. The nerves damage might be not adjustable in most circumstances.

  1. Slow Healing Sores:

In this case, wounds and sores heal very slowly. These early signs and symptoms of diabetes might not be still unknown. But, do you know the reason behind it?

The person with diabetes does not heal fast in wounds and sores due to the excessive sugar level in the blood delays the ability to heal.

  1. Unclear eyesight:

Actually, the person with Diabetes pulls out the liquid from the eyes, which occurs to blurred eyesight.

And, if you don’t treat this condition over time, it could affect your eyes vessels, causes unclear eyesight or vision loss, or even total blindness.

Therefore, if you notice that your vision unexpectedly changes, you should visit your doctor.

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  1. Puffy Gums:

Among the above-mentioned early signs and symptoms of diabetes, this might be ignored sometimes.

Actually, diabetes can weaken the ability to defeat germs of the human body, many of which are come through the mouth. Some problems are raised in the mouth like puffy gums, the loss of jaw bone, tooth decay, etc.

If you had a dental problem before happening diabetes, you have to visit your doctor immediately as it doesn’t get worse.

Diabetes is truly a severe health issue. If it becomes untreated, it might be dangerous.

So, look into the early signs and symptoms of diabetes and confirm you visit your doctor immediately.

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