10 Easy and Simple Ways to Improve Brain Power: DON’T MISS!

This article will cover 10 easy and simple ways to improve brainpower. The adult human brain is such a complex organ that we only use about 10% of it, but brain doctors now believe that it is possible to use more.

Our brain can surprisingly rewire itself and even create new cells.

Every part of this important organ function is still somewhat unknown.

If you are searching the ways to improve brain power, reads this article and find the 10 best ways to improve brain power to regenerate and restart your mind.

Ways to Improve Brain Power

10 Best Ways to Improve Brain Power:

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  1. Eat foods that are High in Flavonoids:

Many research works have proven that high flavonoid foods keep an important role in boosting memory.

They protect unsafe neurons, improve the present neuronal function and encourage neuronal re-formation.

Try to eat Blue, red, and purple berries like cranberries and blueberries, apples, plums, pears, bananas, peaches, nuts, teas, citrus fruits, beans, red wine, raw fruit juices (mainly grape juice), spices and herbs, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and onions.

  1. Better Sleep:

Sleeping keeps a vital role in your brain. It helps to organize and unite your brain’s information.

Sleeping is also important to connect the brain’s neurons for helping us recollect and learn better.

How much sleep do you need?

It depends from person to person.

Ask your mind and body to know it.

  1. Try to eat more Soya Based Diets:

Soya is made from “soybeans” and is widely consumed as a meat alternative in several countries.

Soya is high in flavone phytoestrogens.

Currently, research work was conducted on the high and low soy diet’s effect on brain, memory and frontal cortex function in some males and females for 10 weeks.

A High-soya diet revealed the significant progression of short and long-term memory as well as better mental flexibility.

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  1. Say Good-Bye to Alcohol:

There are many research works on animals that have proven that alcohol damages memory.

It mostly hinders making new long-term memories (LTMs).

The study recommends that the more alcohol consumed, the more memory damage.

And if large amounts are consumed speedily, they can block out the memory, people will not be able to remember the key events or even the whole events.

  1. Make a Social Bindings:

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health, if a person involves in different social activities, they may have less possibility of memory loss.

For example, volunteer activities, Matrimonial status, and communication with children, parents, and neighbors make social bindings.

So don’t keep busy yourself with your inside house forever.

Go outside and try to develop relationships, meet with friends for improving your memory.

You will definitely recall them if you become more social.

  1. Look At Pretty or attractive Stuff:

Well, I am not joking with you. A study conducted by the Hiroshima University-Japan that looking at pretty baby animals photos makes better attention and careful behavior.

132 young adults were joined in different events such as playing a game or searching a number in a random series.

When these attempts were implemented in looking at pretty baby animal images, the participants have bettered their performing ratings by 44 % on average.

  1. Do Some Physical Exercise:

The genus Hippocampus in the brain is a set of memory, feeling, and the autonomic nervous system(ANS).

At what time, we aged, the hippocampus size become shrinks.

According to a study, 1 year of aerobic exercise may be a successful turning point and increase the hippocampal amount by 2%. So involve yourself in some of the physical movements.

  1. Eat Like Popeye:

The high volume of iron and folic acid included in diets confirm better memory and attention.

It is not only for the young children but also for the aged person.

Lack of iron is responsible for supplying less oxygen to the brain and also drops brainpower.

The lack of Folic acid decreases logical thinking and damages memory in aged time.

Try to eat green vegetables like spinach, cress, leeks, cauliflower, asparagus, broccoli, lentils, eggs, liver, maize, almonds, chickpeas, and chestnuts.

Organ meats, Beef, beans for example kidney beans, apricots, fortified cereals, and nuts.

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  1. Try to practice Some Yoga:

Adults or children cannot give attention properly at their age due to many attention deficit hyperactivity disorders and misdirections. That is why yoga comes in.

A research was conducted on 140 low-stress and 160 high-stress teenage students and who practiced yoga got the highest score on attention levels and shown better short-term memory.

The students were separated into a few small groups for 7 weeks with practicing yoga poses, meditation, pranayama, and prayer.

  1. Enjoy your Life:

Try to involve yourself in different lifestyle activities for example cooking, gardening, watching movies, listening to music, playing games and volunteering helps controlling mental health later.

These activities particularly help to keep the person’s brainpower intact.

The more challenging activity you will do, the better result you will see.

For example, solving the puzzle game, reading books and newspapers, sketching and drawing, etc.





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