Top 5 Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set in 2023 – Reviews

Home workouts can never be complete without heavy weightlifting. All you need to make your workout equipment complete is the best adjustable dumbbell set. When seeking to acquire a new set of this equipment, you need to put into consideration certain factors to find a set that suits you or best serves your needs.

Considering that weight training packs several benefits, you should not be left out. With top innovation in play in the weightlifting equipment industry too, your next dumbbell choice should at least be easy to handle. The weights should be easy to replace. With the right set, you can have a complete gym experience in the comfort of your home.

Product NameBrandWeightMaterialPrice
Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable DumbbellsBowflex105 PoundsOtherCheck on Amazon
BENETA Adjustable BarbellBENETA88 PoundsCast ironCheck on Amazon
FLYBIRD Adjustable DumbbellsFLYBIRD30 PoundsCast ironCheck on Amazon
HAPBEAR Resistance Bands SetHAPBEAR‎1.26 KilogramsNatural RubberCheck on Amazon
Funcode Adjustable DumbbellFuncode85.4 PoundsSilicon steel sheetCheck on Amazon

Best Adjustable Dumbbell Reviews

If you have limited space or want to invest in a home gym, buying modern dumbbells can be a wise purchase. Not only are adjustable dumbbells cost-effective but they also have a compact design. We have top reviews below to help you choose the best set.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

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Only the luckiest people can find this in stock. It is on high demand because of its good quality. With this best-in-class dumbbell set in your possession, you can take your weight training to the next level. It is a compact all-inclusive system that will save you so much space, time, and energy while optimizing training success or results.

If you want total body results, the Bowflex SelectTech 552 is the way to go. It is a versatile dumbbell set that will gradually and steadily increase your strength with continuous use. Some of your body parts that will benefit from using this equipment include the back, chest, legs, shoulder, abs, and arms.

You can adjust the resistance from 5 pounds to 52.5 pounds in 5-pound increments. That is 15 sets of dumbbells in between. You can select the weight you want with a simple turn of a dial. It then locks in the selected weight and leaves out whatever you have not selected. So, it is a flexible and convenient strength-training equipment.

The Bowflex SelectTech 552 is a space-efficient option, with a unique and effective design. That is one of the qualities that makes it suitable for use at home. Besides, its innovative design warrants a quieter workout. There is durable molding around the metal plates, which provides for smooth transitions and ensures less clanging.


  • Comfortable rubberized grip
  • Comes assembled already
  • Set includes a storage tray with a safety strap
  • The dial makes it easy to adjust
  • Heavy-duty ergonomic design


  • Too pricey for some people

BENETA Adjustable Barbell

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The BENETA Adjustable Barbell is as versatile as any weight training equipment of this kind can be. It provides almost everything you need for complete weight training at home. It includes a barbell set of weights plate available in 4.4 pounds, 5.5 pounds, and 6 pounds. You can adjust the barbell weights from 1 pound to 88 pounds.

Many people of different strengths or experience levels can benefit from it. The dumbbell set is adjustable and super convenient. This effective fat-burning fitness equipment allows you to alternate easily and quickly between barbell and dumbbell training. With the barbell bar, you can assemble the 88 pounds of dumbbells set into a barbell.

The screw fastening available helps you to make sure the dumbbell does not loosen during use. That means it provides safer weight training. This BENETA Adjustable dumbbell set is innovatively designed. The weight plates are made of high-quality cast iron. Hence, it enjoys impressive durability.

The weight plates are painted black with the kind of paint that prevents both rust and corrosion. For safety and more comfort, there is a sponge wrapping on the outer ring of the barbell bar. The sponginess reduces pressure and protects the shoulders. The handle has anti-slip qualities for a better grip and to improve your coordination.


  • The design supports safety and comfort
  • Made from premium material
  • Durable design
  • Easy to coordinate between barbell and dumbbell
  • TPU cover protects equipment and floor from scratching


  • Fastening the but takes some effort

FLYBIRD Adjustable Dumbbells

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The world of strength-training equipment is crowded and confusing to new inexperienced buyers. However, with the right guidance you can find yourself an adjustable dumbbell set that represents excellent value like this one by the reputable FLYBIRD. It combines ten weights into a single set.

This is a representation of innovation at its best. With this dumbbell set, you can customize training intensity. Just a single set can cover five pairs of weight options. It provides 3×2, 6×2, 9×2, 12×2, and 15×2 pounds options. Therefore, you can gradually increase resistance from lighter to heavier weights for a more comprehensive workout.

The easily adjustable weights make this set a convenient option. Instead of buying different dumbbells for different weights, this FLYBIRD gives you every weight option you need in a single package. The handle fits nicely in any adult’s hand. That is because the handle is ergonomically designed and has just the right diameter and comfort level.

With this dumbbell set, you get value for the money. Generally, it is reasonably priced, and buying it would save you a lot of money. It is also a space saver and would take up just a small space. This makes it easy for you to use it in a limited space. Besides, the FLYBIRD makes your workout area seem more organized since there is no cluttering.


  • Saves space
  • No awkward smell
  • Can benefit people of different strength levels
  • Resistant to wearing
  • Comfortable and safe design


  • Cases of breaking handles have been heard of

HAPBEAR Resistance Band Set

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You can add creativity to your workout with this HAPBEAR Resistance Band Set to get more comprehensive strength training. These pull-up resistance bands offer 5 resistance levels increasing in layers. Even better, you switch combinations easily and freely. They come in fashionable colors that make them so attractive.

The HAPBEAR Resistance Band Set s 100 percent natural latex material, which means it is an eco-friendly choice. This also means the resistance band set does not have any scent, or any irritating qualities to worry about. Also, this strength equipment is three times more elastic than ordinary elastic bands.

The resistance bands are super durable, and would still maintain their original elasticity after several years of use. You can exercise with it anywhere, any time. These will help you add training moves to your legs, back, arms, and butt. They are available for both juniors and seniors and can be used by both men and women.

Besides, the bands are easy to carry with you wherever it is that you are going. It comes with a nylon bag for easy carrying. You can use them together in learning powerlifting, pull-ups, mobility, Yoga, gymnastics, and more. There is almost no limit to what you can use them for. The package contains a set of 5 bands, 1 door anchor, 1 storage bag, and a user manual.


  • Light and easy to carry
  • Helps you learn various strength training
  • Available for juniors and seniors
  • No odor or skin irritation
  • Fashionable and colorful


  • Some make rattling noise during use

Funcode Adjustable Dumbbell

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These are high-precision silicon dumbbells perfectly cut into the sleek design that it boasts of. It is made of a thick material that never rusts. Every gym enthusiast would love this and would see it as an excellent addition to their weight-training equipment collection. It boasts electrophoresis technology and requires low maintenance.

It has a built-in 8-lock structure that greatly enhances safety by preventing dumbbell plates from falling off during training. When you hear a clicking sound after adjusting the weight, it means the dumbbell plates have been automatically locked. And because of that, it saves you time and energy.

The weighted base is made of eco-friendly material. Therefore, it is mellow, odorless, and stable, making it the perfect weight training equipment for home use. It can help you by building muscle strength, as well as releasing mental stress. Consistent exercising with this dumbbell set will also increase your bone density.

Its innovative design supports flexibility and balance. Therefore, you will have a more effective and satisfying workout with it. The good news is that it is meant to serve both men and women so that everyone in the family can benefit from it. With this equipment, you are guaranteed an enjoyable training experience too.


  • For both professional and entry-level enthusiasts
  • Easy to maintain
  • Eco-friendly material
  • Takes up minimal storage space
  • Upgrades flexibility and balance


  • A little finicky

Other Best Adjustable Dumbbell Set We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

PowerBlock Elite EXP Adjustable Dumbbells

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Every fitness enthusiast, pro athlete, and elite competitor today deserves technologically advanced training equipment like this. It nicely adjusts with whoever is using it to train. The dumbbells offer a range of 5-50 pounds in each hand. Likewise, it offers you easy weight identification.

One thing about this dumbbell set is that it is so enjoyable to use. The handles are padded nicely, fitting in your hands and feeling comfortable just the way you need to elevate your fitness. Also, it is compact and portable, which means you can take it with you to wherever it is that you are shifting to.

It makes strength training so much fun. You get to enjoy innovative strength training together with seamless adjustability. To adjust the weight up or down, you simply use the secure magnetic polypropylene pin. Besides being adjustable, the dumbbells are also expandable such that it grows with you.

You will not need extra weight sets when you have this. Also, it is a great alternative to those large, expensive sets of dumbbells. Besides, they can survive many years of constant use, thanks to being engineered with a reliable build. It is also great for your health since it boosts your metabolism.


  • Boosts recovery from injury
  • Boosts your metabolism
  • Easy to adjust
  • Compact and convenient
  • For pro athletes and beginners alike


  • It has its limits and you cannot use them for some exercises

PINROYAL 4 in 1 Adjustable Dumbbell Set

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This is also an interesting choice, with lots of innovative qualities to boast of. Every gym enthusiast should give it a try, and there is a higher possibility that they will love it. You can easily combine different weight dumbbell plates to make various weights. You can switch various kettlebells and dumbbell modes.

The 4 in 1 means you can adjust it from dumbbells to kettlebells to barbells, and to push-up stands. Your safety is highly considered in its engineering and design. It gives you a wide range of exercise possibilities like no other dumbbell set. You get also to choose from light and heavy barbell options.

The surface of the dumbbell bar has a comfortable texture design that protects you from injuries. Also, this set meets all body workout needs for both men and women. The kettlebells provide three different modes and will greatly benefit the lower and upper limbs together with the trunk.

For the barbells, there is a light one and a heavy one, and they both enhance muscle endurance. You can count on them to deliver muscle exercise for the whole body as well as for body sculpting. The push-up handle modes train your upper body, pectoral major, abdominal muscles, and lower back.


  • Nonslip handle
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to adjust between modes
  • Inclusive and versatile
  • Your safety is maximized


  • The nuts become loose occasionally

Best Adjustable Dumbbell Buying Guide – Things to Consider

If you are on the lookout for adjustable dumbbells, you should consider these factors to help you get a quality set that satisfies your workouts.


Somehow, design and comfort go hand in hand. Having a set of dumbbells whose handles are well-designed is sure to give you a comfortable firm grip, which you will need during those intense workouts. It should be easier to work out with them and comfortable to hold as this should make you as a user have a better experience working out with them.


It is also important to consider the materials used to make the adjustable dumbbells. The quality of materials used is key as it should be able to give you the ultimate experience without worrying about how fast they wear out. The design and style are also very important things to consider given that the dumbbells are supposed to make you want to use them more and more.


It is also important to look at the prices. In so much as you would like to go for something affordable, cheaper prices at times may mean that the materials used are not of good quality.  Low-priced dumbbells could end up compromising on some aspects such as durability, portability, weight range, or even ease of adjustment. It is critical therefore that as you look at that which is pocket friendly, it should not compromise on quality.

Weight Ranges

For the purchase of weightlifting equipment, the weight ranges should be highly considered. The actual weight of the adjustable dumbbells should also guide your choice. Being able to replace multiple sets in the dumbbells is one of the main reasons why enthusiasts prefer adjustable dumbbells. Therefore, you should watch out for the weight jumps, where you put into consideration your needs and experience as a weightlifter as well as your workout skills in choosing what suits you.


Before buying adjustable dumbbells, it is necessary to also check if they also come with a warranty. Making sure that they are warranted and are covered in case of any defects is also a great assurance to the buyer. With a warranty, you can get it fixed for them or better still can get a replacement if the defect.

Unit size

The unit size of the dumbbells is a vital factor in that some are usually parked in singles while some are in sets. It is key to be keen and particular if you want that which comes in sets. Always consider the price and most probably ones that come in sets and their unit weight adjustments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth investing in adjustable dumbbells?

Yes, it is worth it. Dumbbells are good for many reasons such as convenience, space-saving, and a wide weight range for lifters of different experience levels. It will satisfy your lifting needs and takes up minimal space.

What weight dumbbell is good for beginners?

For women beginners, you can start with a set of two 5-pound to 10-pound weights. For men beginners, a set of two 10-pound to 20-pound weights will do just fine.

What are the cons of adjustable dumbbells?

Generally, adjustable dumbbells are expensive. They can also be bulky for certain exercises. They are typically heavy to move and adjusting them requires some training.

Should I buy lighter or heavier dumbbells?

The time either choice takes to help you achieve your strength training goals may vary but they both get you there. You can buy either of these, even though the heavier dumbbells get you stronger quicker.


As you select your next dumbbell set, make sure it is an efficient set. If possible, you should choose the most advanced and efficient option you can get within your planned budget. Consider the weight options the dumbbells have to offer and how easy it is to use. The adjustable dumbbells should be easy to set up or to assemble and disassemble. Check for things like grip, design, and mode of adjustment in your potential next-best adjustable dumbbell set.

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