Top 5 Best Ergonomic Foot Rest in 2023 – Reviews & Guide

Working at a desk for hours can lead to fatigue and strains on certain parts of the body. That is why you need a proper setup for overall comfort. If you work so hard at a desk because it is necessary, you deserve the best ergonomic foot rest.

We have selected seven of the best. They have a unique ergonomic design that helps elevate your posture while seated that is supportive of your body. A good posture helps encourage blood flow to your feet, relieving pressure on your spine and legs.

Product NameMaterialColorDimensionPrice
Mind Reader Rest Ergonomic FootPlasticBlack‎18 x 13.4 x 4.3 inchesCheck on Amazon
Everlasting Comfort Foot RestMemory FoamBlack17 x 9.5 x 4.75 inchesCheck on Amazon
ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under DeskMemory FoamBlack17.5 x 12 x 6 inchesCheck on Amazon
Everlasting Comfort Airplane FootrestMemory FoamBlack9.76 x 9.75 x 1 inchesCheck on Amazon
hawBEG Adjustable Under Desk FootrestFoam, Memory FoamGrey11.5''x17''x6''Check on Amazon

Best Ergonomic Foot Rest Reviews

Are ergonomic foot rests necessary? Of course, they are! Ergonomic foot rests improve your posture and aid in blood circulation. Below are the top recommended ergonomic footrests to consider.

Mind Reader Rest Ergonomic Foot Rest

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The Mind Reader boasts several advanced features. It has massage balls strategically placed on the surface to further ease any tension caused by work. As you roll your feet over the foot rest’s pebbled surface, you instantly start to experience relief. It is innovatively designed to keep you comfortable, well, and energized.

Besides all its numerous new features, this is a budget-friendly foot rest. The Mind Reader seems to know exactly what you need in an ergonomic foot rest. The underfoot is exceptionally sturdy, delivering extra comfort on your feet and spreading that therapeutic effect and feeling to the rest of the body.

It is lightweight, weighing just about 4.75 pounds. So, it is easy to move from place to place to the exact spot where you need it to be. The Mind Reader is also a highly adjustable foot rest. With a simple tweak of the base, you can make it sit at the perfect angle and height for your convenience.

If you want to tuck it away, simply adjust it by making it sit flat. With this ergonomic textured foot rest, you can improve leg circulation. It will help reduce stress on your body by simply lifting and angling your feet, ankles, legs, and knees to the right position. So it counters back and neck pain while you sit at home or work.


  • Easy to use
  • Very effectively serves its purpose
  • Durable and high-quality parts
  • Relieves pain
  • Comfortable and ergonomically superior


  • Can be cold without socks

Everlasting Comfort Foot Rest Under Desk at Work

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This foot rest is an effective pain relief solution for people whose jobs dictate sitting down for hours in their offices. It nicely elevates your legs under the desk, bringing ergonomics to your work. It also puts your hips and knees on the same plane, hence maximizing your overall comfort and relief from pain.

It positions your legs in a strategic position to lessen pressure on your muscles and joints. It comes with a velvety soft cover that offers extra comfort. Also, the cover is easy to wash. When it is dirty, you simply unzip it and clean it using a washing machine, then you can toss it in your drier.

It features a simple one-piece design and is capable of accommodating almost any leg length. It has this unique teardrop shape that supports a natural or upright sitting posture which is great for your back. It enhances ergonomics while contouring nicely to the curves of your foot. Also, it allows you to raise your feet just enough for a good sitting posture.

It boasts of heat-responsive technology, which greatly encourages total comfort and safety. Likewise, its construction incorporates 100 percent pure memory foam. The two-in-one under desk foot rest is an amazing rocking exerciser that works well to energize your legs. You can relax in it and refresh your tired feet.


  • Multifunctional to meet several needs
  • Nonslip textured bottom helps it stay put on all flooring
  • Soft, breathable, and never traps heat
  • You can use it in bed or on the couch too
  • Provides lasting comfort


  • Some users wish it was a little more sturdy

ComfiLife Foot Rest for Under Desk At Work

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Sitting for many hours at work every day can lead to so much strain on your back, knees, ankles, hip, feet, and legs. Luckily, the ComfiLife Foot Rest delivers pain relief to all these parts. If you use it correctly, it eases pressure on the lower back and hips. It encourages proper feet placement while sited.

The ComfiLife brings extra comfort to your office desk, improving blood circulation to your legs and easing pain over time. It is made from premium high-density memory foam. Hence, it easily conforms to the shape and size of your feet. It is also this material that greatly enhances overall comfort.

This plushy memory foam cushion is large and boasts adjustable height making it easy for you to stretch your feet to desired heights. That way you can customize your therapy and comfort. It also has covers that are easy to remove and put back on. The covers are also machine-washable.

It is a multipurpose option with several other uses. So it does much more than simply elevating your feet. For instance, you can use it underneath your knees while kneeling or laying down. You can also use it as a rocker by placing it underneath your chair. It is lightweight and can take with you on the go.


  • It is easy to take with you on a plane
  • Machine washable cover
  • Comfortable material
  • Lightweight
  • Eases pressure on the lower back and hips


  • Adjusts to two heights only

Everlasting Comfort Airplane Footrest

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You will need this footrest for your airplane trips, especially the long ones. It helps eliminate constant discomfort by providing the necessary support for your feet while traveling. It is lightweight and compact, making it easy to organize among the rest of the luggage. Besides, it comes with a free travel bag.

It boasts great ergonomics and provides a customized fit. Everlasting Comfort is designed to eliminate leg fatigue and improves your sitting comfort. The adjustable straps are convenient in providing the perfect fit. Similarly, it is easy to install and does not take much effort and time to put together.

Besides, it has a strong and durable construction. So, it never loses its shape thanks to being fortified with super strong components. It has reinforced ribs along its bottom, which provides unbeatable rigidity. This foot rest features a 100 percent premium memory foam lining, which helps improve comfort.

To wrap things up, this Everlasting Comfort footrest is meant to keep you comfortable and free from fatigue and pain. It is designed with dual footrest areas to help avoid clashing of feet and instead keep them separated. The plush memory foam accommodates your feet with or without shoes on.


  • Easy to install
  • Made using safe materials
  • Dual footrest areas for extra comfort
  • Comes with a video installation guide
  • Used with or without shoes


  • Best only for people who are 6 feet tall and below

hawBEG Adjustable Under Desk Footrest

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This is not your ordinary foot rest. The hawBEG Adjustable is a high-density ergonomic foam rest. It is made in such a way that it offers just the right amount of support. Its firmness gives a relaxing experience. The top of the stools is curved to fit the arches of your feet. Hence it encourages a natural posture.

It looks so good and feels even better. The hawBEG Adjustable is super stylish with a refreshing light grey finish and a brown faux leather handle. Its amazing design and great looks will complement your home or office regardless of its design or décor. The felt-like soft fabric is so soothing.

Generally, this footrest is lovable from its looks to its performance in delivering comfort. Also, it can serve several other purposes including uses on a couch or bed. Its soothing effect provides a full-body experience. Also, this equipment combines excellent function with unmatched aesthetics.

Another great design could be the ability to rock back and forth. These designs come in handy to achieve such great benefits as increasing the circulation of blood in your body and also to reduce fatigue during those long working hours behind the desk.


  • Stylish and refreshing light grey finish
  • Solves aching feet problem
  • Has a brown faux leather handle
  • Lightweight
  • The expansive deck is large enough for both feet


  • No color options

Other Best Ergonomic Footrests We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

StrongTek Ergonomic Under Desk Foot Rest

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These foot rests are highly strong and durable. Having been made from heavy plywood that generally originates from real plant timber, makes them last longer than those made from ordinary plastic. This feature also makes them stronger and more durable giving support to both children and adults without the fear of them posing a danger.

They have a wider surface that is also made of rubber that provides a tight grip. The top of each of these wooden foot rests have a rubber surface that makes it gentle on your feet, especially bare feet. This also ensures that your feet can firmly hold in place thus they are safer to use without having your shoes on.

These foot rests also have an anti-slip bottom that acts as a safety feature. This means that they can roll and tilt without having to slide or slip. The anti-slip bottom gives an assurance that there would be reduced accidents and incidents while using the foot rest. This also comes in handy in protecting your floors from damage.

They are also characterized by adjustable height options of up to four different options. The four adjustable angles enable you to adjust the foot rest according to your desired height and needs. They also come fully assembled and thus are ready to use when you get them. Also, with it, you can achieve that relaxing and comfortable posture while behind your desk.


  • Saves time in assembling
  • Non-slip bottom
  • The rubber bottom also protects floors from damage
  • Has long-lasting strength
  • For children and adults up to 400 pounds


  • Not wide enough for male feet

Mind Reader LEG UP -BLK Rest

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These foot rests are characterized by raised round pebbled texture on the surface. This acts as a massaging element when using the foot rest. These rigid round surfaces allow you to massage your feet while doing your work. When you remove your shoes and slide your feet on them you can be able to get that ultimate relieving and satisfying experience.

They have a lightweight and durable construction. The light materials, make it easy to move around and handle within the office or even at home. They are also equipped with wheels that give you the ease to move your feet more easily and reduce damage to the floors.

They are comfortable to use. These feet rests are comfortable to be used by people of all ages from children to adults they are conformed to give a proper posture while using it and with its guidance on positioning is a perfect way to even teach kids about caring for their feet and general body wellness.

These foot rests have been made to be adjustable to up to three angle positions. These adjustable angle positions are to ensure that you adjust the foot rest according to your height and desired posture. When adjusting the foot rest, achieving the desired angle gives you a perfect body posture in that you can rest your feet well in the position you want.


  • They come fully assembled
  • Easy to use
  • They have a non-slip element
  • Very stable
  • Has rigids to massage your feet


  • Plastic material is not the best for comfort

Best Ergonomic Foot Rest Buying Guide – Things to Consider

Looking for quality ergonomic foot rests to maintain your foot in a natural position? These are some tips to guide you when picking the best.

Ability to adjust

The foot rest should be high enough to help maintain your natural body posture. Getting the right height to enable you to achieve that good posture is key. You might prefer the one that can be elevated with the help of an extension piece or that which has pedals that are easy to adjust. For the case of shorter, a height-adjustable foot rest is so perfect for they can adjust to whatever height they want.

Falls within your budget

Considering that there are many different foot rest types, their prices range too. The range may depend on factors such as materials used. The quality of the foot rest could also determine the price to a certain extent. It is best to consider that of better quality and your conformations but within your budget.

Safety certified materials

Choose an under desk foot rest that has been made using safety-certified and enhanced materials. Certified materials would ensure that the foot rest is safe to use. Also, it minimizes any physical damaging risks while using them. Such materials would also be easy to clean and maintain.

Shape and size

These foot rests also come in different shapes and sizes so choosing one which you are comfortable with Is important. There are those which are semicircular and those that are rectangular so user preference is key as there is no one that is superior to the other between these two shapes. You might also want to go for one which is more light in weight and also portable. Therefore, whichever the choice here, finding the one that would help to attain your natural body posture is what is important.

Level of comfort

Finding a comfortable foot rest is important. Discomfort would hinder you from achieving the desired results. Since they come in different shapes and forms, experimenting with a few will enable you to find the best option. Choosing one with a large foot area would give you optimal usage. There also those with vent holes to optimize airflow and enhance breathability and others with heat-responsive technology thus you won’t have to worry about cold feet.


Finding foot rests that are durable should not be a problem. To make a long-lasting footrest, several durable materials are used, including steel, rubber, and wood. Such a product would last a long time. If the above options are not that soft textured, one would consider getting one that is made of memory form which are also very durable sturdy, and softer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get flat or angled footrest?

A footrest set at some angle, usually about 30 degrees, provides the best relief. Flat ones are good but angled ones work better.

Are footrests ideal for ergonomics?

Yes. Sitting right contributes a lot to being at peace and to your overall concentration at work. Using the right footrest optimizes the magical blend of comfort and ergonomics.

What is the ideal height for a footrest?

The ideal height of a footrest is anywhere from 2 inches to 5 inches. The rest is optimal when the feet positioned at the right elevation.

Can you use a footrest while standing?

A: There are footrests for standing positions. You may need a footrest if whatever you are doing at the moment dictates standing in a single spot for a long time.


When shopping for under-desk foot rests, you would like one which conforms to your needs and desires thus it’s critical to consider several factors before settling for one. Any footrest here would make a great gift to parents or grandparents during those family gatherings and celebrations. They come in various forms and shapes all meant to provide proper comfort and massaging effect.

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