Top 5 Best Organic Body Washes in 2023 – Reviews & Guide

We all use a body wash several times throughout the week. While you might not necessarily use a liquid body wash, it can be a bar soap specially made for body use. Regardless of whatever you choose, opt for the best organic body washes to cleanse your skin.

Going natural or rather “green” when it comes to body wash gives you clear and healthier skin. Selecting the wrong body wash with synthetic chemicals can cause dry skin, redness, breakouts, and irritation, among other issues.

If you need a chemical-free body wash, take your time and explore our top list of recommended organic body washes that you should consider.

Product NameItem FormSkin TypeScentPrice
Honeyskin Face and Body WashLiquidSensitiveUnscentedCheck on Amazon
Eucerin Skin Calming Body WashCreamDryUnscentedCheck on Amazon
Avalon Organics Bath & Shower GelGelDryLemonCheck on Amazon
Beauty by Earth Peppermint Tea Tree Body WashGelOily, Combination, Acne, Blemishes, ProblematicPeppermint Tea TreeCheck on Amazon
Puracy Natural Body WashGelAllCitrus & Sea SaltCheck on Amazon

Best Organic Body Washes Reviews

There are a wide range of body washes but not all contain organic ingredients. Going organic comes with many benefits for your skin. Here is a rundown of  the best organic body washes suitable for face and body. Read through to find out which one is good for your skin type.

Honeyskin Face and Body Wash

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If your skin is sensitive or dry, the Honeyskin Face and Body Wash can be the right purchase. The face and body wash doesn’t irritate, and it is hypoallergenic. It gives you a gentle exfoliating wash while moisturizing your skin.

The body wash doesn’t deprive your skin of its natural oils. It features a well-balanced pH formula to give you a perfect wash without leaving your skin dry. Unlike other body washes with chemicals, this organic body wash is safe, and it works well. It contains organic and natural ingredients. You will not find fragrances, sulfates, parabens, and other chemicals.

All the ingredients are natural, and it protects your skin to give you a youthful look. It has a quality formula to prevent gaining signs and ensure your skin doesn’t get acne marks or dark spots. Using the body wash is easy. You need to apply a small amount to your face and enough amount to cover your body. Lather the body wash on your skin gently, and then rinse well.

If you don’t like fragrance, this liquid body wash is unscented. It contains essential formula to protect your skin and give you a youthful look. this body wash also reduces anti-aging signs, reduces acne marks and dark spots. Use this gentle formula everyday for the best results.


  • It contains organic and natural ingredients
  • Leaves your skin soft and fresh
  • It gives you a radiant and nourished skin
  • Works well with sensitive skin


  • Not suitable for all skin types

Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash

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Avoid stressing your skin by using harsh soaps. You can give your skin many benefits by using this calming body wash. The Eucerin Skin Calming Body Wash is perfect if you have itchy and dry skin. This body wash not only calms but also soothes and cleanses your skin. You will get a perfect cleansing without depriving your body moisture.

It doesn’t contain dye, and fragrance and neither does it cause skin irritation. This mild body wash features natural lips and omega oils to moisturize your skin. Therefore, you will retain the natural oils on your skin. It comes in a pack of three bottles each of 8.4 fl oz. therefore, you have enough to take you through a couple of days.

You will also love the mild lather of the body wash that gives you a nice rinse without leaving some residues behind. If you have itchy skin, you will get relief after using this mild body wash. It is great for sensitive and inflamed skin. You can also use it on dry and cold weather to hydrate your skin. The body wash is also unscented for people who are irritated by fragrances.


  • Great for itchy and dry skin
  • It does not irritate or over-dry your skin
  • Gives you a comfortable and calm skin
  • It does not contain dye or fragrance
  • It has a gentle cleansing formula


  • Nice but awful smell

Avalon Organics Bath & Shower Gel

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Enjoy a refreshing shower with the Avalon Organics shower gel. The lemon gel removes impurities on your skin and keeps you refreshed. It is certified organic, and it contains plant-based ingredients with essential oils and organic botanicals.

Unlike other shower gels you will find, this one doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances, colors, parabens, sulfates, and harsh preservatives. This body wash is natural, plant-based and cruelty free and comes in gel form. It gives your skin a good cleansing and leaves it refreshes while removing all impurities.

You can use the Avalon shower gel if you have dry or normal skin. It will nourish and replenish your skin, keeping it healthy. The shower gel also has a nice refreshing lemon scent that elevates your mood.


  • It leaves your skin clean and soft
  • It only contains natural and organic ingredients
  • Contains essential oil and vitamin E to nourish your skin
  • The shower gel has a nice fragrance


  • Leaking bottles

Beauty By Earth Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash

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The Peppermint Tea Tree Body Wash is great for both men and women. This body wash works well in soothing blemishes on your skin. Additionally, it is great for people with oily skin or those prone to acne.

All the ingredients in this body wash are USA-certified, so you will not expose your skin to any harmful ingredient. It includes powerful ingredients like peppermint essential oil, tea tree oil, and saponified organic oils. All these are great to eliminate impurities on your skin.

The body wash works well for people with various skin types. So, if you need a body wash for your family, this will work fine. It gives your skin a natural balance whether you have acne or oily skin. It has a nice peppermint tea tree oil that leaves you smelling clean and fresh.

Dispensing the body wash is effortless because it has an easy-to-use pump. You can use it daily, and it will last longer. Whether you have oily, problematic, combination, acne or blemishes skin, this gel body wash is good for you. the body wash also works perfect to remove body odor, jock itch, foot fungus and foot and nail fungus.


  • Works best for acne and oily skin
  • It has a fantastic fragrance
  • Great body wash for men and women
  • It cleanses and removes impurities


  • It does not lather well

Puracy Natural Body Wash

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Puracy a unisex body wash that utilizes plant-based ingredients. It gives you a luxurious foam and a good cleansing. The body wash doesn’t contain dyes, perfumes, sulfates, and parabens, among other harsh chemicals.

It contains vegetable-based moisturizers to hydrate your skin. Moreover, the sea salt purifies your body and balances your pH. You can add this body wash to your daily skincare routine, and it will work well with all skin types, even people with dry and sensitive skin.

This body wash is made for women, men and kids.  It has moisturizing effects which leaves your skin well-hydrated. After using the body wash, your skin feels silky, clean, soft, and smooth. The sea salt also gives you a nice ocean breeze air.

The gel body wash has a gentle citrus and sea salt scent that everyone will love. You get a pack of two bottles of 16 oz but you can also choose other sizes as per your liking.


  • It lathers well, leaving your skin clean
  • Doesn’t leave your skin dry
  • Rinses easily without irritating your skin
  • Made with plant-based ingredients


  • Some ingredients can react with your skin

Other Best Organic Body Washes We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

Tree To Tub Moisturizing Body Wash

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If you have sensitive skin, you should pay attention to the skincare products you buy. Get the Tree To Tub Moisturizing Body Wash which is purposely made for sensitive and dry skin. It also works for other skin types like dry, normal and combination.

This body wash contains wild ingredients that give your skin a refreshing cleaning without drying it. It leaves your skin soft, calm, nourished, and well-hydrated. The body wash is excellent for kids, men, and women.

The lavender shower gel contains soapberry that maintains the acidic pH close to 5.5. Other ingredients are chamomile, coconut cleansers, cucumber, aloe vera, and shea butter. This moisturizing body wash has a lavender smell that is gentle and soothing.

Dermatologists recommend this body wash because it is chemical-free, safe, and gentle on your body. So, if you suffer from winter dryness, sensitive skin, and dry skin, this organic body wash will hydrate your skin.


  • Nice body wash for dry and sensitive skin
  • It does not contain harsh ingredients and irritants
  • It cleans and hydrates your body
  • The wild soapberry balances the skin pH


  • Not ideal for skin with eczema

Brickell Men’s Invigorating Body Wash

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Brickell is a top brand that specializes in premium skincare products for men that contain natural ingredients. If you need a cleansing shower without dryness or skin irritation, get the Brickell Men’s Invigorating Body Wash.

The men’s body wash contains natural and organic ingredients, which gives you a deep cleansing. It works well to get rid of sweat, grime, and oil without leaving your skin dry. It also leaves you smelling fresh, thanks to the mint scent.

The glycerin enhances the maturation of skin cells, and it gets air moisture to leave your skin soft. The jojoba oil maintains the protection cushion on your skin after cleaning oil, grime, and bacteria. Your skin will also remain moisturized with the aloe vera included.

It doesn’t contain parabens, silicones, gluten, synthetic fragrances, sulfates, and other chemicals. Men love the refreshing mint scent, and the longevity of the body wash. If you use it daily, it can last for up to 45 days.

This invigorating body wash contains essential vitamins and extracts that moisturize your skin. It also has tea trees and coconut cleansers that remove grime and oil.


  • Has aloe vera to moisturize your skin and hair
  • Made with powerful and natural ingredients
  • No irritation or dry skin
  • It has a nice scent


  • It is pricey

Buying Guide: Best Organic Body Washes

If you treasure your skin, then you should be concerned about the cleaning products you use. Here are some pro tips that will enable you to pick an organic body wash.

Type of Skin

This should be your first consideration before you pick any organic body wash. Choose a body wash that works best with your skin.

You will find all kinds of body washes to suit all skin types. The fact that you are going natural doesn’t mean there is no room for allergic reactions.

So, know your skin type first, and then select a body wash designed for that skin type. You should always check the labels to know the type of skin recommended for a particular body wash.


What ingredients are used to make the body wash? Take your time and find out which ingredients are present. You can consider quality and healthy ingredients like avocado oil, honey, turmeric, and olive that offer your skin plenty of benefits.

Be keen on harmful ingredients like artificial colors, fertilizers, fragrances, and other things that can cause negative effects on your skin.

Lathering and Cleaning Properties

We all want a body wash that lathers well. However, the lathering can vary from one body wash to the other. The more the lathering, the better the feeling.

Apart from lathering, you also want to consider the cleaning properties of the body wash. Fundamentally, the combination of various ingredients can make a formula with higher or lower cleaning properties. It is great to research well to get the best product.

Don’t always settle for big brands because this doesn’t mean the cleaning properties of their body washes are better. Sometimes even smaller brands can make quality body washes with excellent cleaning properties.

Colors and Fragrances

A body washes with a lovely fragrance will improve your mood and relieve stress. You can choose from various fragrances ranging from lavender, mint, coconut, and papaya, among others. When buying an organic body wash, make sure it contains natural fragrances and colors.


What is your budget? You have to decide how much you want to spend on your ideal body wash. The price can differ depending on the brand and what is included in the package.

Whether you get other products, be keen to check if the main product gives you value.


Lastly, you should consider brand certification. It is crucial to buy organic body washes from reputable brands. Some brands on the market can include a single organic ingredient and other chemicals and claim their organic products.

So, be keen and check the certification to ensure you are buying an authentic body organic body wash.

Natural Active Ingredients

While you should avoid harmful ingredients, it is good to consider a body wash that is sourced from natural active ingredients. this means that it should contain ingredients that cleanse, treat and nourish your skin. They include plant proteins, botanical extracts, plant oils, antioxidants and essential oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should you use organic body washes?

Organic body washes are great because they contain plant-based ingredients that are gentle on your skin. Additionally, they are environment-friendly too.

What are the benefits of using an organic body wash?

Organic body washes come with many benefits because they contain ingredients that are skin-friendly. This makes them safer and treats a wide range of skin conditions. Additionally, organic body washes include ingredients essential oil with antioxidants that prevent skin aging.

How do I choose the best organic body wash?

The best organic body wash should contain nourishing and moisturizing ingredients. some of the top ingredients you should look for include vitamin E, shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and much more. All these are essential ingredients that nourish, soften and hydrate your skin.

Should I use a body wash every day?

You can alternate the number of days in a week that you use your body wash. However, avoid using too much body wash because it can dry and irritate your skin instead of nourishing it.


That was a curative review of the best organic body washes that will improve your overall skin health. We selected quality and organic body washes that are chemical-free for healthier skin.

We hope the above information will help you pick an organic and natural body wash with natural fragrances and colors. Pick the one that suits your skin needs, and be sure to share your feedback in the comment section.

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