4 Types of Yoga Exercise for Blood Circulation Inside Your Body Muscles

Poor blood circulation may occur many health issues, for example, high cholesterol, day-long sitting at a desk, blood pressure problems, and even diabetes. Other health problems can be happened, like:

  • Lack of feeling
  • Cold feet and hands
  • Muscle pains
  • Swelling
  • Weak nails and hair
  • Breakouts
  • Dark circles below your eyes

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Luckily, there are many ways to fight poor blood circulation. You can try:

  • Medicine
  • Diet
  • Stop smoking
  • Workout

Exercise for Blood Circulation

Yoga poses are not only the most effective exercise but also one of the most significant implementations for poor circulation.

The sequence of yoga exercises for blood circulation that are given below can be a great addition to your health and self-care routine.

It doesn’t matter their cause or physical manifestation in your body.

Yoga Exercise for Blood Circulation

Downward-Facing Dog Exercise for Blood Circulation

Downward-Facing Dog Exercise

Downward-Facing Dog is an excellent yoga exercise for blood circulation.

Because it keeps your pelvis above your heart and your heart above your head.

That means gravity helps to ease blood flow to your head.

It also makes stronger your legs in boosting circulation in them.

How to do Downward-Facing Dog?

Take a deep breath in and out; firmly press your hands as you pick your pelvises into the air, make straight your arms and legs.

For somebody, this may be a good posture. For others, you may walk your feet back just a touch.

Breathe deeply as you press into your fingers and your heels to the floor.

Your heels may not be on the floor, depending on position, but you want them working in that direction.

Keep your neck relaxes, but don’t keep it hanging.

Stay in this position for three deep and long breaths.

Warrior II Exercise for Blood Circulation

Warrior II Exercise

Warrior II is excellent for improving your leg’s muscle tone.

Your muscles and veins of the legs will be released, therefore increase active circulation.

How to do Warrior II?

Start From the Downward-Facing Dog position, look between your hands.

Step your right foot as nearer as you can between your hands.

If it becomes tough to get between them, you can help move it forward with a hand.

Before picking your hands off the ground, try your left foot as it runs parallel to the back point of the mat.

Your front foot should be lined up with the toenails facing frontward.

Your right heel should come to the mid of your back foot.

Breathe in and out deeply, flip your hands. That means press firmly into your feet.

Starting with your left hand coming in front, under your face, then up, in front of, and lastly behind your head, like “T” with your arms.

As you have this pose, check your placement. Your right knee should be at a 90-degree angle, with the knee over your ankle joint, pressing into your back foot.

Your left leg should be straightforward; your torso opens to the left side, and your arms are at shoulder top.

While you’ve settled into the posture and feel calm in your position, inhale and exhale deeply and slowly a minimum of 3 times.

After your third breath, inhale once more and breathe out, turn your hands back to the floor, on every side of your right foot.

Step back to Downward-Facing Dog. Then start again with your left foot frontward.

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Triangle Exercise for Blood Circulation

Triangle Exercise for blood circulation

Triangle is also a standing pose, which is great to strengthen your leg muscles and circulation.

These poses help opening up your torso and to expand the lungs too.

How to do Triangle?

Triangle can be started from Warrior II poses.

But without starting Warrior II, breathe in as you make straight your front leg and keep your arms line up over your legs, like “T.”

As you breathe out, angle your chest over your right leg from your pelvis, keeping your backside long and your arms in line with your shoulders, like a “T” shape.

Rest your right hand on your ankle, foot, or shin.

Your left arm should be reached in the direction of the sky.

Your looking should be at the front foot and should have a balance to do so.

Press into your feet and apply your leg muscles for keeping your chest open, breathe deeply.

As a minimum of three deep breathing, pick your chest from your hip by your core as you curve the front leg another time.

You can then change to the other side like Warrior II.

Legs Up Exercise for Blood Circulation

Legs up The Wall Posture

Putting legs up the wall means you put your legs above your heart.

As well as a reverse of how we sit all day long.

This posture can help our blood flow to be healthy, relieve in pooling of blood or fluid to your limits that may occur in old age.

How to do Legs Up?

To do this pose, move your mat up against a wall.

Keep distance at the ground, where the wall meets the floor, and space enough up the wall that your legs can spread up without hitting anything.

Make a parallel sitting position to the wall. Then, lie down using your feet on the floor, knees curved.

Pivot on your upper tailbone/ lower backside, lifting your feet and slightly swinging chest, so it overlaps the wall and enfolds your sitting bones up against the base of the wall.

When you’re relaxed, spread your legs up the wall.

You can also put a folded blanket below your lower back for feeling better.

Relax your palms up and arms. You can stay in this position as long as you can.

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Final Touch:

Whereas particular health issuers occur some circulation problems, many Americans manage circulation problems and don’t know it. Why?

For the reason that we keep it at our desks all day long and don’t work with it the ways, we should do.

The yoga as mentioned above poses for blood circulation will help compress and decompress the veins in our legs.

You can stop problems and improve your circulation.

Either you have health problems or not, these yoga poses can help to improve your body’s blood circulation.

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