5 Best Hair Protein Treatment in 2023 – Reviews and Guide

We put a lot of emphasis on skincare and forget that our hair too needs attention. If your hair feels brittle, has lost elasticity, or breaks off, this is a sign you need to get the best hair protein treatment.

These are formulas that contain essential nutrients that nourish and strengthen every hair strand. In addition, they keep your hair moisturized and reinforce it to prevent breaking off.

If you wonder which protein treatment you should get for your hair, we will help you get the right one. We have recommended reliable protein treatments that will make your hair healthy.

Product NameItem FormHair TypeAge RangePrice
Elizavecca cer-100 collagen coating hair protein treatmentCreamDamagedAdultCheck on Amazon
L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Leave In Conditioner TreatmentCreamDamaged,DullAdultCheck on Amazon
SheaMoisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate + Repair Protein Power TreatmentCreamDryAdultCheck on Amazon
Arvazallia Fortifying Protein Hair MaskOilDamaged, dryAdultCheck on Amazon
Aminotouch Natural PURE PROTEIN TREATMENTLiquidDamaged, weak hairAdultCheck on Amazon

Best Hair Protein Treatment Reviews

Do I need protein hair treatment for my hair? You need protein hair treatment if your hair is color-treated, breaks, sheds, has a high porosity, and if it has lost its elasticity.

If you are uncertain which protein treatment to pick, check these top recommendations here.

Elizavecca CER100 Collagen Coating Hair Protein Treatment

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You can take care of your hair at home with is a collagen protein treatment. The product contains allantoin, protein extract, pig collagen, and ceramide 3. This hair protein treatment is suitable for adults with damaged hair. It comes in cream form and it detangles your hair.

Using this protein treatment is easy. First, shampoo your hair and then apply it. Wait for about 5-20 minutes, and then rinse. After applying, you can use a hair cap. Your hair will get the best look in just one time.

The protein treatment is great on your hair, and it works well with all hair types. It is great to use it if you have damaged hair as a result of sun or heat. It also works well with hair of all textures.

This treatment works, and it leaves your hair smooth and soft. Additionally, it has a nice smell than many protein treatments. Whether your hair is over-processed or damaged, use this treatment for best results. It works perfectly for all hair types.


  • It makes your hair soft
  • Suitable for all hair types and textures
  • The treatment is easy to use
  • It has a nice smell


  • Not great if you need volume

L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair 5 Protein Recharge Leave In Conditioner Treatment

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Many things cause real damages to your hair. It could be blowdryers, flat irons, or hair colors, among others. All these can cause short-term and long-term damages. This protein treatment is ideal for dull and damaged hair. It provides other benefits like heat protection.

Get the L’Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair treatment and give your hair a healthy look. This is a wonderful treatment that contains protein elixirs and reviving almonds that strengthen your hair. This treatment leaves your hair looking healthier and silky. Your hair will feel light, easy to style, supple and much stronger.

Additionally, the ingredients protect your hair from heat damages. It is made with almond oil and protein that offer your hair maximum protection against dull, brittle, weak and dehydrated hair. With this treatment, you will get resilient and stronger hair. It will also make your hair flexible and protect it from the daily heating tools.

This treatment is also crucial to prevent signs of hair damages like rough, split ends, dull, weak, or dry hair. It will offer breakage protection up to 97% and heat protectant up to 450 degrees in just one use.

To get the best results, shampoo and condition your hair. Apply a small amount of this protein treatment on wet and hair, and do not rinse. Then you can style your hair as normally.


  • Offers effective heat protection
  • Great protein treatment that nourishes your hair
  • Prevents many signs of hair damage
  • Contains healthy ingredients


  • Not good for thin or fine hair

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Yogurt Hydrate

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Taking proper care of your hair is crucial to achieving a beautiful and healthy look. You can hydrate your hair with the Shea Moisture Manuka Honey protein treatment. This product ha many beneficial effects on your hair like softening, nourishing and damage control.

This treatment has a nice honey scent, and it is suited for dry hair. The treatment contains rich nutrients that strengthen your hair naturally. It works well to revitalize and reinforce over-processed hair.

It also works well for abused hair fibers and reduces your hair breakage up to 76%. In addition, this certified organic shea butter offers a deep conditioning treatment that strengthens weak strands. The yogurt in this treatment works as a perfect moisturizer if you have damaged hair from using chemicals or over-processing.

When your hair is moisturized, it looks healthy, stronger and smoother. You will get healthy and nice-looking hair since it eliminates split ends and combats hair breakage. Eventually, you will get soft and smooth hair. This protein treatment further makes your hair softer, thanks to the mafura oil and baobab. Softer hair becomes easy to detangle, style and manage.


  • Prevents split ends and hair breakage
  • It softens your hair
  • Great for dry hair
  • The treatment has a nice honey scent


  • The ingredients contain wax

Fortifying Protein Hair Mask

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The Fortifying Protein Hair Mask is a deep conditioning treatment purposely made to repair and strengthen your hair. It helps your hair to get more volume and preventing dry, brittle, and hair thinning. This product also has conditioning benefits on your hair.

Additionally, it works well to ensure no hair breakage takes place. Using this hair mask will promote the growth of your hair naturally. You will not experience hair loss when using this product.

This protein formula includes essential ingredients like macadamia oil, argan oil, aloe vera, and hydrolyzed wheat protein. It will detangle and deep condition your hair after using it. The hair treatment doesn’t include parabens, sulfates and other harmful ingredients.

As a result, you will end up with silkier and soft hair that is easy to manage. In addition, unlike other protein treatments, this formula is paraben and protein-free. Using this hair protein treatment leaves your hair hydrated and moisturized. You will no longer have dry or dull hair. It also detangles your hair, makes it manageable and improves its elasticity.

You can use it on all hair types. Whether you have curly, natural, color-treated, or permed hair, it will work well for you. Additionally, you can use it for extensions and wigs. This protein treatment delivers results within the first use. You will notice a significant transformation in your hair. It also moisturizes and hydrates your hair hence boosting its elasticity.


  • Works well with different hair types
  • It deep conditions your hair
  • Moisturizes and hydrates your hair
  • It makes your hair soft and easy to manage


  • Great but awful smell


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This is another instant hair treatment that strengthens weak hair, and repairs damaged split ends. The treatment is great for all hair types and provides a great outcome.

It is great for bleached hair, split ends, sun-damaged hair, and much more. It is great to use this protein treatment before coloring, bleaching, or highlighting your hair. The protein treatment is designed to match the amino acid peptide sequences that you will find in keratin proteins in the human hair.

The keratin protein treatment works right from the core extending through the outer layers of the hair. This is essential in repairing your hair deeply and preventing split ends and damages. The treatment comes in a liquid form, and it has a nice natural scent.

It also provides good results on over-processed or frizzy hair. You will see an improvement in your hair right away after using the product. You can also use this product as a pre-coloring or bleach treatment to minimize hair damage and give it a brighter color.


  • Improves your hair appearance
  • It repairs your hair instantly
  • Prevents your hair from coloring damage
  • Gives your curls a good hold and structure


  • The results are inconsistent

Other Best Hair Protein Treatment We Liked but Did Not Make Our Top Five List

Hairfinity Hair Strengthening Amino Treatment

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Check Price on Amazonir?t=fitnessforlife24 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01JF9449O

Repair your natural hair with the Hairfinity Hair Strengthening Amino Treatment. This is an amazing product for straight, curly, and color-treated hair.  It works well to restore heat damaged, overprocessed, and weak hair. The treatment also encourages healthy hair growth.

This treatment has more than 94% natural ingredients. These ingredients include jojoba oil, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and many more that hydrate your hair.  Additionally, it is great for moisturizing your scalp and hair.

The treatment doesn’t include parabens, silicones, petroleum, mineral oil, or phthalates. You can also use it on all hair types like natural, colored, curly, permed, and keratin-treated hair. This product also offer hydrating effects on your hair.

This professional treatment is recommended for total hair repair. It has been proven to minimize hair breakage up to 90%. It also contains amino acids that fortify the hair strands, making your hair smoother, stringer, and frizz-free.


  • It promotes healthy hair growth
  • Offers complete hair repair
  • Hydrates your hair
  • Makes your hair stronger and smoother
  • It does not contain sulphate and other harsh ingredients


  • Many users get the product open

Bold Plex No3 Bond Repair Hair Protein Treatment

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If you have dry and damaged hair, you can treat it with this hair protein treatment. It works well for hydrating and conditioning your hair. You can use it on frizzy, curly, colored, bleached, and broken hair.

The treatment has a nice formula that penetrates deep into every hair strand. It will strengthen and condition your hair and repairs it well. This product provides other benefits like bond repair, improving split ends, hair protein treatment mas and reduces the signs of hair damage.

With this hair treatment, you can achieve maximum hair growth. In addition, it enhances better moisture retention in your hair.  This is through rectifying the damages that result from coloring, styling, over-processing, and chemical treatments.

The size of this treatment is more than in other brands. Therefore, you have more products to allow you to treat your hair regularly. This will result in long-lasting results. You can also use it on different hair types like dry, frizzy, curly, bleached, and broken hair.


  • The size is double than other top brands
  • Great treatment for a healthier hair
  • Provides maximum hair health
  • Strengthens and conditions your hair
  • Contains natural ingredients


  • It does not work for some people

Best Hair Protein Treatment Buying Guide – Things to Consider

There are different types of hair protein treatments you can find. It is essential to ensure you pick the right one for your hair. Follow these tips to help you pick the right one.

Condition of Your Hair

The condition of your hair will help you determine the type of protein treatment to buy. For instance, check the extent to your hair has lost elasticity and breakage. If it is little, you might not require similar treatment to someone whose air is braking more.


Protein treatments contain essential ingredients that strengthen your hair. It is not good to overdo the protein treatment. Always use the required amount and follow the given instructions. If you only need to maintain your color-treated hair, there is no need to buy an intense protein treatment.

Look for a treatment that will meet your hair’s needs, which will help maintain the hair strong and healthy.

Protein Treatment for Routine Care

You can buy light protein treatments if you want it for routine care. These treatments are great for color-treated or relaxed hair. You can also use it if your hair is not yet at the breakage point. Preferably, apply these treatments 2-3 times a month. However, you should always balance them with moisturizing conditioners.

Protein Treatment for Damaged Hair

If your hair has serious damages, then you need an intense protein treatment. In this case, you might need to go to the salon to get the best services.

These treatments are only designed for hair with severe damages. Also, you should use them once after every 6-8 weeks. Avoid doing it more because it can cause more damages to your hair if you overuse it.

Protein Sensitivity

Low-porosity hair can be sensitive to protein treatment. This is because the low porosity makes it difficult to absorb moisture. Therefore, the protein treatment will end up overloading the hair.

Since fine hair is delicate, using too much protein treatment can lead to hair breakage. However, if you have damaged or high-porosity hair, then protein treatments will help your hair look healthy.


Like any hair product, it is good to consider the ingredients in the protein treatment. Some of the best ingredients to look for include keratin, collagen, yogurt, vitamin B-5 and creatine. Avoid protein hair treatments with ingredients like parabens, cocamide DEA, sulfates, isopropyl alcohol, silicones and polyethylene glycol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are protein treatments good for hair?

Yes, using protein treatments has many benefits for hair. They come in handy especially if you have dry, dull and damaged hair. Using protein treatments minimize hair loss and nourish your hair.

How can I tell if my hair needs a protein treatment?

Several signs can let you know your hair needs a protein treatment. For instance, if your hair is limp, flat or feels stingy, this is a sign you need a protein treatment. In normal cases, your hair should be full and durable. Add a protein treatment when you notice your hair starts to droop to make it healthier.

How often should I treat my hair with protein treatment?

It is recommended to give your hair a deep protein treatment once a month. However, this depends on your hair condition and your hair stylist instructions. sometimes you might need to use the protein treatment more than once.

Do protein treatments have any side effects?

Some common side effects of using protein treatments include throat irritation, itching eyes, scalp irritation among others.

Final Words

Your hair strands contain a protein known as keratin. It is essential in maintaining strong and healthy hair with elasticity. However, styling, pollution, maintenance, and coloring make the keratin break down. In other instances, it can be because of poor diet. All these make your hair unhealthy, and you can restore its health with the best hair protein treatment.

We have recommended great hair protein treatments that your hair can absorb easily. They work well in repairing the keratin and strengthening your hair. I hope with the recommendations and buying advice; you will find it easier to buy the right protein treatment.

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