The Great Depression Facts: 17 Interesting Facts about the Great Depression

The Great Depression was a shocking financial crisis that struck most countries everywhere in the world.

Although the Great Depression started in 1929 and continued until the start of World War II, the most horrible years were between 1933 and 1934 in the US.

The stock market crash on Wall Street started in October 1929 with a financial crisis, and many stockholders lost their whole things.

Jobs missing as consumer spending failed, joblessness rates were increased by about 15 million, and banks failed.

Despite government attempts to recover, the economy wasn’t until the start of World War II that employment rates recovered and the economy started to develop.

This article is about some of the interesting facts about the great depression.

The Great Depression


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The Great Depression Facts:

  1. In 1929 the crash on Wall Street was supposed to be the main reason for the Great Depression. The most horrible market crash happened on a Tuesday, and that day kept the nickname Black Tuesday.
  2. The Other Depression causes have been found to be the eruption of a credit bubble, a weak banking system, and overrun.
  3. On Black Tuesday, about 14 billion US dollars was lost. In total, $30 billion was lost During that week.
  4. Due to the stock market crash, many people were attempted and committed suicide in New York City by jumping from windows.
  5. Form the beginning of the Great Depression, Herbert Hoover was the president. He made a mistake in the 1930s of announcing to Americans that the horrible time was over. He was not in the right comments.
  6. The joblessness percentage between 1933 and 1934 was 25%. It would not decrease less than 10% until World War II started.
  7. It is predicted that nearly 50% of the united state’s children did not have enough food, suitable housing, or medical care in the period of the Great Depression.
  8. A fun fact about the great depression was The board game Market turned very popular in 1935.
  9. About 60 to 80 million people liked to watch a movie weekly in the period of the Great Depression. Films, for example, Gone with the Wind, The Wizard of Oz and King Kong were all released during this time period.
  10. This is the number 10 facts about the great depression. Around 750,000 farms were vanished through bankruptcy or over sheriff sales during this period. Penny Auctions were very well known. At a Penny Auction, the poor farmer would keep in low bids, which help them buying back their farm for only pennies.
  11. Crime turns into a path of life for many people during the Great Depression, because finding a job was almost impossible.
  12. About 6000 people were tried to sell apples from hand to mouth in New York City. They sold apples on the street.
  13. More or less 1.5 million men gave up their families in the period of the Great Depression, left wives and children without support.
  14. The severe drought and the dust storms in the 1930s were made the Great Depression even tougher as many farmers were pushed to give up their land.
  15. Many homeless people during the Great Depression lived in shantytowns. These towns were also often named Hooverville’s. The food provided in soup kitchens was sometimes regarded as Hoover stew.
  16. The newspapers that poor people used to keep themselves warm were commonly called Hoover blankets.
  17. Some of them were used scuffs to pull broken cars, which were also called as Hoover Wagons.

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